Immortalise Isaac Boro, restructure Nigeria, Ijaw youth tell FG

Nigerians from the South-South region under the aegis of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) have called on the federal government to immortalise late Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, 53 years after his demise.

Chairman of IYC, FCT chapter, Mr. Adam Ogomugo Marbo, who made the appeal during the 53 years remembrance of the late Niger Delta hero on Saturday in Abuja recalled how the former Military officer dedicated himself to the foundation of the development of his region and the country at large.

He said, “…When when General Gowon took over as the leader of the country, he realised that Adaka Boro was not a criminal but a man who fought a genuine struggle on issues affecting his people.

“Adaka Boro was a civilian before he became a Nigerian Police officer. From being a Police officer he became a Nigerian army officer at the rank of Major. At that time, Adaka Boro had an agreement with the Nigerian government at that time led by Gowon. 

“During Civil war, Adaka Boro defended the Niger Delta territory in support of Nigeria. Therefore, my great people that is why we are celebrating a great icon, a leader per excellent, a man who understands the suffering of his people, a man who had sacrificed.

“…That is why we need to celebrate him. That is why the Niger Deltans need to understand that he was not only for Ijaw people but he was a son of Niger Delta and was a nationalist to Nigeria. Even in Nigeria, he has not been honoured him. I used this opportunity to call on the government to honour this great man.

“…Till today Ijaw man still believes in the philosophy of Adaka Boro. That is why Ijaw people are always saying one Nigeria, not one Nigeria of deprivation, not one Nigeria of marginalisation not one Nigeria of oppression but one Nigeria that is known for peace, unity, love and understanding, and a Nigeria where there’s a true federalism.”

On his part, IYC national spokesman, Comrade Ebilade Ekerefe, called for restructuring of Nigeria

“We believe there’s no better time to restructure this country than now.

“President Muhammadu Buhari should as a matter of urgency call for a national dialogue which will serve as a roadmap towards the total restructuring of Nigeria that will reflect the principles of true fiscal federalism,” he said.

Also speaking, the chairman of the occasion, Senator Moses Cleopas, while  commending the leadership of IYC for exhibiting dedication and strong determination, noted that only justice can engender true national growth.

Father of the day and elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark enjoined the youths especially in the Niger Delta region to remain focused and purposeful.

Chief Clark further said, “My advice to youth both male and female, is to begin to operate at this circle. This spirit must not die. We all know why we are gathered here together, is in person of our father, a man we all honour as a fighter.

“I think this is a man that has sacrificed a lot talking about Ijaw nation…, he even sacrificed his education for the love of the nation and this he did until his death.

“I believe in the cooperate existence of Nigeria as a state, however, things must be done in the right way. I believe in Justice, equity and fairness. Those of us are still talking about having control over our resources in Niger Delta. I believe in a situation where security duty in Niger Delta will be addressed.”