IMD: Coalition drums support for men to lead by example

Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the IMD 2022 Nigeria, in alliance with Innate Communications and other partners have called on all to support men from the home front and the family unit.

It said this would enable them balance issues and play the expected role to ‘lead by example’.

The call was contained in a signed statement made available to Journalists by the Coordinator, International Men’s Day (IMD) 2022 Nigeria event and IMD Ambassador West Africa, Sanmi Falobi, to commemorate the day on the global theme: “Men Leading by Example”.

The statement noted the burning desire among gender advocates and feminist groups to bridge the gender inequality gaps and enhance women’s right initiatives.

According to the statement, “it is equally a concern to pay attention to some gender-specific issues affecting men, which portends danger for the collective well-being of the society.  

It added that the IMD message and emphasis is based on six significant pillars including; to promote male role models, to celebrate the contribution that men make, to focus on men’s health and wellbeing, to highlight discrimination against men and the inequalities that men and boys face, to improve gender relations and promote gender equality, and to create a safer world for everyone. 

The statement therefore called on corporate organisations, governments, institutions, businesses, religious bodies, public/private sector enterprises, NGOs and the media, to initiate clusters of independent activities at highlighting the positive values of men to their families, communities and the society at large in relation to the context of their careers, families, health and mental wellness, socio-economic sustainability as well as in the area of organisational or political leadership.

“The 2022 IMD Nigeria LOC calls on those in management and leadership positions to catch in on the uniqueness of the International Men’s Day (IMD) to celebrate and highlight the values of men within the structure of their work force, especially in line with values that promote quality and leadership.

“There are varied issues within the societal context that is still largely hinged on patriarchal ideologies,  we cannot run away from the realities that bridging the gaps in gender inequality is a collective effort that will need to involve and engage mindset re-orientation and education of which men, across family leadership structure, workplace cadre, societal influence, religious, traditional positioning, governance and political leadership etc, have strategic roles to play,” the statement said. 

“Though men are generally perceived to be strong-hearted and socialised to project strength, autonomy, dominance and stoicism, there are many men dying silently and crying inwardly due to the enormous burden placed on them by family obligations, career expectations, societal influence and peer influence factors. 

“These burdens and pressures often push men to the edge of their limits, with resultant consequences being suicidal actions, gender-based violence, use of drugs and engagement in criminal tendencies. 

“Men need all the support they can get, especially from the home front and the family unit and it is when this critical support is in place that men are able to balance issues and play the expected role to ‘LEAD BY EXAMPLE,” the statement read.