I’m not looking for cheap popularity – Rasheedat Adamu Abdullahi

Rasheedat Adamu Abdullahi, is one of the successful female actresses in Kannywood. Apart from featuring in A grade Hausa films, the 30 year-old actress through her company, RD Mai’sa’a International LTD, has produced hit movies. In this report, ALIYU ASIKIRA writes on his encounter with the Kano-born actress.

Born in Dala Quarters Kano Metropolis, Rasheedat Adamu Abdullahi, enrolled into Sa’adatu Rimi College of Educations Kumbotso, after her primary and secondary educations, where she studied Mass Communication.

She still has plans to further her education, preferably in India, where she intends to pursue a Degree in Mass Communications or related courses.

Rasheedat, who had lost her father, said her mother, an international business woman did not object to her desire to be a Hausa actress because it is a decent profession like any other one could chose to pursue.

According to her, “The way I dress, the quality of life I live, and the car I drive, make some people to think I am arrogant and boastful.

 “The truth is I made my money before joining Kannywood that is why I chose the type of films I feature in after carefully reading the script and what the producer is offering.

“I am not looking for cheap popularity or how to put food on my table. I have my own business, I travel a lot. I have visited Dubai, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, India, Malaysia and India.

“I have travelled severally to do business. I am into men’s clothes, women wear, and interior decoration. I am also into contracts here and there.”

On her social life, Rasheedat noted that though she has never dated anybody in Kannywood, she has lots of fans and admirers.

“Honestly, I am eager to settle down and have children but all is destiny. The right person is yet to come. People need to stop peddling rumour that Hausa actress are wayward or that they are cheap.

“Rasheedat Adamu is not cheap. I have class and it’s left for those who admire me to understand my way of life. I am not arrogant but I am not begging for any favour,” she declared.

Rasheedat further stated that, “Acting has fetched me a lot of fortunes like having my own house, driving a choice car, performing Umrah and Hajj several times. In fact, I have paid for many people to perform Hajj. I have a business outfit on Sky Memorial Complex, Zoo Road Kano, which deals in variety of products.”

The actress said she could be in purdah, if she married a person she loved, who could cater for her needs and would give her the opportunity to run her business even from home.

Rasheedat, who prefers to be paired in films with actors like Ali Nuhu, Abba Ruda, Yakubu Mohammed, Sani Danja, Adam Zango and Ibrahim Maishinku, said she sees all these actors as her brothers.

Asked if she would marry any of the actors she mentioned if they proposed to her, the beautiful actress ruled out such happening and prayed that God would give her a man to marry not her friend’s husbands as she would not like her female friends to marry her man when he comes.

On politics, the Kano-born actress said she could invest her money, time, and energy for the former Kano state Governor, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, to be the next President of Nigeria.

She said the governor who built a film academy for the Hausa movie industry and created conducive environment for them to practice their chosen profession, free of government hindrance, was her political hero.

“He transformed Kano state to a state of envy by developing virtually all sectors, especially housing, road, education, health, and youth empowerment. Kwankwaso deserve to be President of Nigeria,” Rasheedat declared.

Speaking on friends she has made in Kannywood, she said: “I don’t keep female friends as such my friends are my handbags and car keys, they are my companion. I mind my business and I am always busy. I hate gossip, back-biting or hearsay. So, to avoid them I mind my business. This doesn’t mean I don’t socialise, I enjoy myself to the fullest but I prefer a scandal-free life.

“When I get married, I will try all within my powers, including prayers, to make success of it. I am an ambitious woman but because of principles my commercial contacts with some communication companies did not pull through.

“I like travelling, I have visited most parts of Nigeria and I am proud that I am Nigerian woman. However, I cannot kiss or hug on stage before the camera, for any amount. My religion is against that. Acting, basically, is to create positive awareness and not the other way round.”

On why she doesn’t mind wearing tight dresses that exposes her body in films, she said was to interpret the role and the script given to her.

According to her, in some cases it is part of the awareness they want to impact to society as her dressing in any particular film must have its meaning and the message the producer wants to pass to the society.