I’m not a prostitute, Sadiya Haruna cries out

 Former Kannywood star Sadiya Haruna, who was recently arrested by officials of Kano Hisbah Command for posting a nude video on Youtube, tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this interview that she’s not a woman of easy virtue. 

 Background When Hadiza Gabon and Auwal Isah West, both of whom popular Kannywood actor and actress, were recently locked in a serious battle of moral character, Auwal Isah accused Hadiza Gabon of being a prostitute as well as engaging in acts of insubordination, while Hadiza Gabon in turn accused him of being morally corrupt. She also accused him of being a Gigolo. What is the latest about your feud with the Kano Hisbah board? Well, they arrested me or invited me; whichever is the better word. You know I have a programme through which I educate couples on how to make successful marriages.

I do make videos which I use to show through Youtube, and it mostly has to do with family matters. In some cases, I use objects or images to demonstrate what I’m actually referring to for people to understand it easily. But Hisbah felt that it was immoral and they invited me, arraigned me before a Sharia Court which is located within their premises and sentenced me to six months (not in prison), to go to an Islamiyya school for moral training. Fortunately, for me, I am vast in Islamic knowledge and western education, but I obeyed their directive and I am doing what they asked me to do.

But if you are vast in Islamic education as you said, why do you appear on social media openly demonstrating how couples will satisfy each other for their marriages to be successful? 
 You are a journalist, and that is what you choose to be in life. As for Sadiya, what I do does not make me a prostitute, but it educates couples on how to make their marriages last and in the end, I make good money out of it. Let me tell you here that even if I don’t do it, there are other people doing it; so we can not cheat nature because whether in secret or in the open, these things do happen.

 Two years ago, you had a running battle with a Kannywood star, Isah A. Isah, whom you accused of doing many bad things including being Dankawale. What was the actual problem? Since my crisis with him was given wider coverage in the press, especially social media, I will prefer to offer no comments here.

 About two weeks ago, you also came out to declare that you had been in the expensive Ni’ima Hotel for a very long time at the sponsorship of a sugar daddy; meaning that a sugar daddy kept you in Ni’ima Hotel and paid fat bills for you. If I’m correct, nobody forced you to make the declaration as you revealed it all by yourself.

What does this make of you? I asked this question because the sugar daddy is not your husband. Our people pretend a lot; yes, I did say I was staying in Ni’ima Hotel for a very long time on the sponsorship of Uban Wa’ainsu, meaning that I was in the hotel at the expense of someone or some people’s fathers.

But you are free to interpret it in the way you want, what made me issue that statement was that my friend, Hadiza Aliyu Gabon, is in a moral fight with Auwal Isah West and he referred to her on social media as a prostitute. So, I said that is not fair because we also have homosexuals that are parading themselves as actors in Kannywood. Look, we are in a free world, if you call me a dog, I will call you a monkey; if you bite me, I will not waste time to avenge it, if you say I am a prostitute, and I know that you are a homosexual, I will say it for all to read and know who you are. You asked me what legacy I am going to leave for my children…okay, God created man and woman; God created the white and the black; God created the tall and the short, so the way I am I feel is my destiny.