I’m fulfilled as a football Administrator –Adepoju

Former Super Eagles Captain, Mutiu
Adepoju after retiring from his playing career in 2006 for both club and country has been involved in the
administrative aspect of the round leather game. Currently the Spanish La-Liga representative in Nigeria, Adepoju bared his mind on sundry issues. Paul Okah captured them.

LMC/La-Liga partnership/coaching programme
I am impressed with the level of commitment and enthusiasm of the coaches and instructors. This is the second edition. The first edition was only for three days but there has been a remarkable improvement and this year’s edition was for five days. There was a lot of information, videos and circumstances that are being taught them in terms of La-liga and world standard.

They have been taught everything that makes La-liga successful. The partnership between La-liga and LMC has lasted for about two year now, since 2016 and it has had a great impact, though people may not be seeing it.

There is a great revolution in the NPFL and it is changing for the better. LMC are looking at the model of La-liga and are doing everything possible to make sure that the technical, commercial and every other aspect of it are affected. In terms of TV right, everybody is going to see that the impact is enormous.

Rating Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) with Laliga
La-liga started a long time ago, so we can’t place it with NPFL in the same pedastal. Though NPFL was not hitherto professional, there has been a lot of challenges.

However, since the advent of LMC, things have been changing for the better. We have more matches on television and many other things that LMC has changed with the partnership of La-liga. The standard is improving but we are not yet there at the apex. Rome was not built in a day. With time, we will get to the highest level.

NPFL as the best in Africa
I share the thought because a lot of things are happening here that are not obtainable in other leagues. From the look of things in Nigeria, we are improving every day, despite the challenges.

World Cup chances for Super Eagles
I wouldn’t want to get into predictions or the stage Super Eagles will get to at the 2018 World Cup, but we have to continue getting better. The players are good and our leagues are improving.

The NFF is planning and putting things in place for a better outing. We have to take it one step at a time when we get to the world cup. I am comfortable with the plans on ground.

Accessing new World cup kits
I believe the new kits have the semblance with the 1994 Super Eagles World squad. I believe it’s a good jersey and I doubt if it will affect their performance level. The size, image and comfortability is very important.

We liked our kit in ’94 because it made us feel good and play well and I believe the current Super Eagles players will like their kits too. I believe the players have the capacity. If everything goes right, they will perform. You can’t predict football. Anything can make or mar a match and other teams are also preparing. A blunder may make you lose a match, but the team is good at the moment.

Becoming a coach or owning a football club
I have been in football administration for a long time now. I also participated in coaching Shooting Stars of Ibadan until we had a problem. I have all it takes to be a coach but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I like administration. I am working on owning a football academy. I don’t have in mind to buy or take over a club but I plan on owning an academy.

Greatest moment as a footballer
I have many great moments but the miracle of my Under-20 days was a great moment. The moment we won AFCON in Tunisia ’94, qualified for France ’98 World Cup were all great moments. Winning Champions League and AFCON are moments I cherish. I think I am fulfilled, though people want many things.