Ignore those championing factions in LP, says party chair

The Lagos state chairman of Labour Party (LP), Pastor Dayo Ekong, has said the party is united and there is no division.

 The  chairman urged members of the public and lovers of the party to disregard those parading themselves as factional chairmen of the party.

Mrs Ekong  at a press briefing press at the party secretariat weekend  in Lagos, in company of members of the state executive,  the party is preparing for the federal constituency bye election that holds August 17,2023.

At the briefing   attended by  her deputy, Mr Lanre Adenuga, the secretary,  Samuel Okpala, she said   some unscrupulous people  allegedly sponsored by the party in power in the state have started parading themselves as chairmen of the party.

She warned aspirants and members of the public against identifying with such people, adding that anybody that chose to identify with such people does so at his or her peril.

She said Labour Party is a credible part and it is the major opposition party in the state and the national level.

On the bye election, she said the contest will be open to all aspirants, and the party will present credible candidate that has integrity.

“There is a departure from the old order. We are here to ensure the old order is removed and new order is put in place. It is not about who you know, but about competence and capability. You don’t need god father to be relevant.”