Igbo diaspora monarch dismisses Ohaneze factional President’s alleged embezzlement, others

President, Association of Eze Ndigbo 19 Northern States and Abuja, HRH, Eze Dr Uche Egenti, has denied allegations in certain sections of the media purporting that the Eze Ndi Igbo in diaspora is a tool used in breeding crisis between the Igbo and their host communities.

Egenti, equally dismissed any claims of embezzlement, impropriety, misappropriation by the petitioner, describing it as baseless, unfounded and untrue.

While calling for the investigation of the allegations by the appropriate authorities, he challenged Bar Ifeanyi Nweze to provide evidence or any person that has given him one Naira in running the affairs of the Igbo since his emergence.

Recall, that Ohaneze FCT factional President, Barr. Ifeanyichukwu Nweze had September 2023 petitioned the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, demanding the sack of the Eze, alleging fraud, deciet and embezzlement of resources as well as causing crisis in the territory.

In a new twist , Barr Nweze had also accused the Eze of lack of transparency and accountability as well as impoverishing the Igbo in the FCT by converting what belongs to the people to private pockets. 

The Mornach noted that the Eze’s have been a recipe for promoting culture, peace and harmony between the Igbo’s in the North and their host Communities, adding that it has fostered healthy relationship between the Igbo’s and other ethnic groups.

Egenti said, “I asked him, can you bring any human been a life since I started leading the Igbo’s that has given me five Naira to run the affairs of the Igbo’s let that person come, produce him. I have been running from my pocket. I want that Ifeanyi to produce anybody that has given me 5 Naira, if there is any Senator, Governor, Minister that has given me 5 Naira. 

“He wrote a liabeious petition against me and Ibe Nwosu that we are causing crisis in Abuja, I wonder why we are causing crisis in Abuja, that we set Eze’s who are collecting money and bring to us, if we are sponsoring criminality, then as an Igbo man , he is one, because, I sponsored him to be FCT president and Ebonyi state day chairman , where he was made the chairman, so if I sponsor criminals, he is one of them. I want the authorities to investigate me and him and Let us see who will go behind bars.

“The Igbo prayer he talked about, I sponsored the prayer and nobody gave me one Naira, It is my pet project, if there is anybody who gave me money, let that person say it.

“Every information there is a false and I don’t think anybody who goes through what he wrote will believe him.

“The truth of the matter there is that , he knows what he wants to achieve, he is looking for appointment and relevance.. I told him, we made you Ohaneze president without relevance from no where, he is looking for appointment, but for him to think that the only way to achieve it is by destroying the Igbo’s and that is why he wants to reap Igbo’s apart and I confronted him. 

“By the way, he was impeached for violating the constitution of Ohaneze, why was he impeached, can he tell the whole world why he was impeached, he destroyed our constitution.

“Ohaneze as presently constituted and led by Chief Iwuanyanwu told us to harmonize Bar Arua and Okadigbo to complete the tenure of Ebonyi state, he is not mentioned anywhere and not recognized. If your people impeached you and you turn around to blackmailing people , the Eze’s, he thinks, he can continue to blackmail and petition people, he should face his profession , he is not Ohaneze FCT president.”

“He wrote a petition to the Inspector General and seconded it to the CP at the FCT command and the police asked him questions he couldn’t answer and threatened to detain him. Police advised him to give peace a chance and stop causing crisis.

“The police told him since they have sacked you, go with those who believe in you and allow these people be, the next day he wrote a petition against the police. We are not in contention with him,” he added.