I desire to move Nigeria forward with my invention – Ojonimi

Egnr. Agada Sunday Ojonimi, a consistent and committed inventor has developed an application that could tackle security challenges in the country if the federal government acknowledges it. BINTA SHAMA reports.


My desire has always been to see how I can be part of the patriotic Nigerians that will move the nation forward with my because our country as the giant of Africa is still lagging behind in some basic amenities not just outside the shores of Africa but in Africa itself, and that is why I always come in with new ideas.

About the

Yes, this is on National Security Strategy Apparatus (NSSA), an embodiment of my Electronic Tracking Apparatus patent. Is a national security strategy for all Nigerians in view of the current security situation in Nigeria.

NSSA is Android-based and will be useful to all Android users or  iPhone Operating System (IOS). The Android App is designed to transmit GPS location, Speed of objects in case of kidnappings or armed robbery.

The person whose life is in danger who also subscribe to NSSA will transmit the aforementioned security info to a database on line or offline. When this is received by the server, it will immediately relay push notification of the crime to security operatives in form of joint task operation. Which on the second hand, the security operative shall be armed on stand bye in their vehicles or power bikes.

The security joint task force shall consist of a code reader who will use google map to show direction for the team to locate the crime scene. Both the crime scene and the movement of the joint task force will be in view from the remote control room. In advance cases a drone or apache helicopter with sophisticated camera will be sent as the crow flies to the crime scene before the joint task force. This is expedient if the arm robbers tries to escape, the new locations can be forwarded to the joint task force as position updates. With this technology it is optimistic that NSSA will bring both the robbers and kidnappers to their kneels. This the brief description of this invention.

Lack of security intervention

The invention has been on ground since last year July and I made presentation to NOTAP which in turn referred me to the Inspector General of Police since it has to do with the security sector of the nation to see how the invention can be properly implemented but he didn’t further it based on the fact that he argued on grounds of robbers or kidnappers ceasing their victims phones first before  doing anything. In response, I told him with such knowledge of application, the victim in question would have relayed several locations to security personnel with the hope of following whatever directions within the next one hour of the attack which we know will go a long way.

It is a security matter and it is an attempt to tackle security challenges in the country. The level of exposure of the invention stopped at the IGs office who couldn’t apprehend or appreciate what I’m doing.

Strategic benefits of the invention

Security isn’t AK47 but security information. For instance if a location is transmitted to the police or security personnel with a code-reader can read the location without perambulating with weapons just like the western world. This is the technology and information we have already developed where all Nigerians can use this application to spread information to the national database and also send information of security threat and not only one person will cover it because the notification would be going like Wi-Fi which all hands will be on the deck because if there isn’t response nearby the scene there would be a notification and if there is a problem we will still know. There is a lot of check and balances that would put our security personnel on their toes to avoid the lack of coverage where they tell you this days that they are still undergoing investigation.

Invention to boost economy

This is an issue that Nigeria doesn’t have a solution as a nation and we will need to try our best as a nation to input any good idea we have that would benefit us and if we persist, government will be forced to imbibe it into the system even if we can’t force them but we could make them reason with other technology ground the world and make them see reasons why we should embrace our version which we can groom and it can be used to solve our own scurity challenges.

I believe implementing this technology will make countries appreciate us and also know that we have stepped up in our technology especially security wise and that would give them assurance that we are going somewhere.

Nigeria looses more via security challenges

Nigeria loose a lot in terms of security index because we don’t see any Investors coming in because of security challenges but once this confidence is built, Nigeria will gain a lot economically and our security confidence would be regained internationally if implemented nationwide, there would be an interception and it would put fear in them that Nigeria has grown wide in their security technology because any action taken now will apprehend them by sending signals which will wipe out criminal tendencies out of the country.

There has been very poor coverage of our innovation in the country. The media needs to create more awareness in sectors like this because they are mostly interested in promoting entertainment or politics which are partially trivial to the nation’s purse rather than this that could fetch a lot for the country.

For instance, where NTA can just run my idea for 20minutes, you will see how the world will react in a short while so far Blueprint Newspaper has been my major window in which I’ve always showcased my  creative ideas which I am recording numerous responses  especially the last publication within a very short period of time and I know it will get better and I will surely patronise the your platform for encouraging me in periods like this.

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