I became renowned administrator on a platter of gold – Fanny Amoo


In every competition, all participant want to achieve is qualification and at the moment a national make the final list, they are regarded as finalist with equal opportunity to make meaningful impact in the final stages through the group, knock out, quarter , semi and emerge as champion in such a completion like the FIFA World cup.

The chances at the group stages are always being determined through bookmakers with words like it’s a group of death, worst, fair without meaningful analysis that will state the exact position even when the ball has not been kicked. The game is played under strict rules and regulation and any opinion outside the rules are not binding to the teams.

In the spirit of fair play and for the good of the game, the outcome of a game is determined by the rules with the appointed referee that will interpret the laws of the game to whom the decisions are final and with a discretional powers over all decision.

All the teams in the groups have equal chances to emerge as the group best teams with the hope of making progress to the final stage if chances are taking in the course of the game. The impact made in the previous editions may not play any impact in the present.

Impression at the qualifier stages
A line must always be drawn to allow the assessment of a team performance and the Nigeria situation should not be forgetting so soon most especially after the home loose of Super Eagles at home to south Africa that gave way for the usual criticism against the team.

The almighty doubt of Nigeria making the qualification was the talk of town but destiny they say was that of God not of man. Nigeria qualified after the bold step that the Nigeria Football Federation with the support of the sports ministry embarked on the employment of the current technical adviser amidst criticism that changed the Nigeria situation.

It is important to note that the qualification of Nigeria as a finalist ahead of the 2018 FIFA world cup has justified the employment of the technical adviser.

Downfall of Golden Eaglets, Nigeria’s Under-17 male team

It was not an interesting story but it happened and I believe the federation has considered areas to amend and forge ahead in the subsequent editions by emerging as a champion that is awakened by the trouble of non-qualification. A five time champion of the FIFA U -17 world cup finals is to me a great fit to be celebrated though the challenges are tall too.

It is not in doubt that Nigeria can produce best of the best at the youth level though it has not translated into the replacement program of FIFA for the youth players to take a place in the senior teams of Nations. A test case for FIFA is to be observed on the development program of England if the recent victory at the U-17 and U-21 could add value to replacing the aging first team of England senior national team in the next three editions of the FIFA cup finals.

My experience as an administrator
The challenges were numerous to remember considering my role at the beginning as a successful youth player, coach, administrator and a club coach. I coached all the national teams and emerged as a world champion. I was a grade one football referee and my had practical experience as a technical director, headed several youth development programs as chairman that gave birth to the famous FIFA goal project that has not moved further. On the other hand, Ghana has gotten similar project in for places within their country.

The glory of celebrating me as a former Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer should be credited to one of the hero of Nigeria football Administration Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima, a strict and credible personality. He led executive committee that gave me such a platform on a platter of Gold.

My emergence as the sole administrator and the crises that exited the board was highly regretted considering the controversy that was ignited from our last game in Kano against Angola. In Nigeria, a game won is usually credited to the players who are celebrated and the reverse is the case whereby the football Federation is at fault whenever a loss is recorded.

Becoming a full blown football administrator again
I always avoid discussing the future but l’m a credible Nigerian and I will ever remain a Nigerian with the knowledge that the future belongs to God. My resume is in the lip of all to determine my future either in the area of administration and technical matters. It might also interest you to know that yours sincerely is not only a trained coach but a chartered administrator. I posses master degree in public administration including human resource as my major. I’m a fellow of several institutions within and outside Nigeria.
Our great country also honored me as a member order of Niger (MON) for the meritorious service to the Nation that I’m very privileged with three gold medals in my national assignments.
My choice President ahead of 2018 NFF election
Well I wouldn’t know if the incumbent President will be willing to re contest ahead of the forthcoming elections schedule for the ancient capital city of Kastina. If you ask me to bear my mind though, I will say early to bed is early to rise but with Nigeria football it is too early.

It is clear that in the history of Nigeria football administration, it has not been possible to see a back to back re-election of any President. The gist might be broken but indications will be to respect the constituted authorities. The comments like; they are giving Nigeria a selfless service, much of their time is spent which would have been placed on their business interest, they do not need government to do business and usual words that government do not fund sports are said out of ignorance.

The intellectual property belongs to government of the federal republic of Nigeria and being a sovereign nation every laws that govern Nigeria sports must be domicile under Nigeria laws. Tell them all that the corporate value of government is bigger than funding and those kinds of people must not re-contest to allow them concentrate their time on private businesses and family affairs which they claim to be at risk.

If the reverse will be the case to re-contest, it is a clear declaration that they are benefiting immensely in the federation. The tenure of the incumbent President of Mr Melvic Amaju Pinnick is still on going and his tenure can only be assessed around August by the acclaimed book makers if they will be sincere enough to avoid crises that is looming.

Every interest should be protected with negotiations all the way and avoid disenfranchising anybody by shifting the goal post in the cause of the game in violation of the guide line to favor a section. All the contestants should be allowed to test their popularity on the floor of the elective congress democratically.

My interest in becoming NFF Board member/President
Interest they say is personal but as a Nigeria, it will always be a privilege to serve this great country that has made me all that l am today with several opportunities in the past 30 years at the national level.
I’m very experienced enough to serve in any capacity and Nigeria remain the best nation but I will never be involved in controversies like issues of undermining the authorities. Like l said the authorities have their responsibilities of primary roles and oversight functions from FIFA, Confederations, National Associations, State Associations, etc. words like; the sports ministry is interfering, NFF is interfering in the affairs of Nigeria football supporters club and other complimentary activities are share ignorance by some people that claim to be experts in sports administration. Well, we are all in a learning process. It is a fundamental human right to serve if one is availed with the opportunity in the nearest future.

The ugly trend of Sports facilities decay in Nigeria
Government is an ongoing project and it may not be right to comment when one is not informed on their challenges. However, Public Private Partnership remains an option. Till date, our facilities think is always in the burner of every leadership in the the Sports ministry. A way out should be the solution not outright criticism.
We hope in the coming year, the solutions will be clearer to solving the state of our facilities that will be at par with the state of facilities in the western world that has clear maintainance culture.

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