How unemployed youth makes brisk business frying, selling plantain chips

Isaac Bitrus, an HND graduate of Kaduna Polytechnic fries plantain chips popularly called ‘pkekere’ at Ushafa , Dutse in FCT. He says he derives pleasure in making ends meet through it . The business may look small but it thrives as he fends for his siblings. ADEOLA AKINBOBOLA reports.

Isaac after his HND programme and couldn’t find a white collar job decided not to follow other youth who engages in thuggery and causing chaos around his area in Duste but rather followed the path of honour by frying and selling plantain chips. A business rubbing off positively on him as he makes brisk business.

It is now cheaper to get the worms in the tummy gainfully busy and keep hunger at bay.

Checks revealed that with less than N200, people buy chips and with about two sachets of water, they get filled and soon discover that they can spend less and stay healthy, given its rich nutrients.

Latter day fast food

A random tour of the capital city revealed that due to high patronage of its hawkers, it has become a newfound fast food for residents.

Isaac who came to Abuja with his 3 siblings in 2008 after they lost their parents in a ghastly motor accident sells plantain chips at Dutse, Ushafa junction and said the business has been his only means of livelihood which she uses to cater for his siblings her .

He said people see the business as the cheapest means of getting money but it goes beyond that because it is only the strong-willed that can engage in that type of business.

I wake up as early as 4am every day to catch up with my customers in the market.

“Any day I fail to wake up early, I may not meet my customers who are mostly working class and students cause they sometimes arrive the market before me and might have bought from other places.

“Since most of my customers know that I sell fresh chips, I leave the house early to satisfy them and in turn, make small profit.”, he said.

Booming business

He said because of the economic downturn. I sell very well because I sell up to 15 to 20 pieces per day , morning and night and before the day runs out, they have finished.

Hard times

He confirmed that business had been good, saying: “I make more sales now compared to last year. People buy a lot of chips now unlike last year, when patronage was very low. More people buy a lot of chips because of its January period and also because of the economy is hard.

Business hazards

He said the greatest challenge of their business is the constant harassment by officials of the AEPB, adding that in most cases, many basins of chips have been seized from his colleagues during such raids.

He recalled that penultimate Saturday, when AEPB taskforce stormed the market and raid people selling by the road side she was almost caught and had to abandon a full basin of chips and pran away, to avoid arrest .

Chips usiness may look common to some people but it is putting food on some people’s tables, fattening bank accounts, buying properties and sponsoring some persons in school.

A man I know in Akwa Ibom State who is into akara business with the wife is now a car owner, he’s children are in one of the best private schools. Whereas some people with tie on their neck in an air condition office cannot boast of tire.

The business is lucrative it is not an exaggeration. Let’s reason it out together, if you go to where chips are sold especially early in the morning , you will see a long queue waiting to be served.

Sometimes it may not reach every body. Assuming you sold chips that is worth #4,000 in a day your gain it therefore means in a month you can be earning up to #50,000 or more. Now is chips business lucrative or not? You can keep the answer to yourself.

Chips business is something you can easily put together, it does not require special skill. However, you have to master the art of producing delicious chips that will increase the number of buyers. The procedure given in this post will help you achieve that.

Everything is undergoing innovation, chips business shouldn’t be an exception. Every business need packaging as such think of a better way to make chips business classic.

Use a very fine packaging material to supply the chips to your customers. The packaging can attract other buyers but the bean cake taste should reflect the package. Because at the end that is what matters. You can only produce when you have orders and in other to be fast you can keep the plantain chips .

Also you can supply at a wholesale price to restaurants, food vendors and others who will need chips for sale. It is high time we start supplying chips the same way snacks are supplied to sellers.


Chips business needs a very strategic position were customers can see you and come for patronage. It should be

A very busy road

School or Institutions environment

A junction that has many route,

Close to residential or commercial centre.

The Size of Buyers

You have to factor this into your plans so that you will not produce more than you can sell. Chips will not be as delicious as it was the next day. Instead of it to remain rather let it not be enough. But make sure you put your customers into consideration. If they keep coming without having to buy,; they will look for another place.

How to Start a Plantain Chips Business in Nigeria

Plantain Chips are crunchy Nigerian snacks made with either ripe or unripe plantains. Plantain Chips which is made with unripe plantains are bright yellow while those made with ripe plantains are deep yellow in colour.

It is also known as sweet banana chips it is great and healthy for all ages. You can take for Launch or Give it for your Children as a welcome Market gift for parents.

Plantain chips production is one of the easiest businesses you can start in Nigeria if you want to generate quick cash within a short space of time of starting. We deem it necessary to post this Training so to take this opportunity by venturing into this Business after learning what it take in starting it.

Why this Business is Lucrative

The reasons why plantain chips production business is easy to set up is because plantain chips is a snacks widely eaten by all.

The startup capital requirement is low, and you don’t need to rent a shop to start and plantain is readily available in the country, especially in Lagos, South/Middle belt regions of Nigeria.

With an initial startup capital of around #13,000, you can generate an income of at least #80,000 per day when you are able to produce about 1,000 packets of plantain chips on daily basis.

You can hardly lose your money if you invest in plantain chips production, starting a plantain chips business will not be a bad ideal, it is a good source of income. You can hardly lose money if you invest in plantain chips business.

Major Ingredients in Starting up Plantain Chips Production Business in Nigeria

If you dream and want to venture into this business, here are the basic requirement you must have at hand.

  1. Recipe for Making Plantain Chips

2.Plaintain (ripe and unripe)

3.Vegetable Oil for frying

4.Salt to taste

5.Grinded Ginger (Optional)

6.Grinded Garlic (Optional)

7.Grinded Pepper (Optional)

Basic Preparation to Follow

Below we have stated the Basic steps you must take to done this business in a proper way

Wash and peel the plantain.

  • Slice the Plantain into a bowl of water. It is advisable to use a vegetable slicer to it will be equal, the water helps prevent the plantain slices from changing colour.
  • Add Salt to taste and Stir

Transfer the plantain slices to a sieve to drain the water.

Add the grinded pepper, ginger and garlic if necessary

Switch on your Gas cooker or Stove

Put your vegetable oil into a frying pan make it hot

Then start frying don’t make it too brownish.