How to improve the look and feel of rooms with addition of rugs

Why you need to buy a rug
• Buying a rug is ideal to enhance your home decor for many reasons:
• It is an easy pocket friendly buy.
• You may change it or remove it whenever you don’t like it.
• You can use the same rug for different rooms or can interchange if you want.
• Rugs are easy to maintain.
Look for buying rugs in cheaper price with ‘rugs for sale’ notice. You can buy rugs from stores as well as from numerous online shops who sell rugs at reasonable price. While buying a rug, you should follow certain rules for the best use of it.

Define an area with rug
You can define certain areas within the same room buy placing a rug there, like-seating area, dining area, foyer etc. A rug can simply complement a piece of furniture or may cover the whole room. Always remember to select the proper size and shape of a rug when buying a rug, and measure the area where you want to place the rug before buying one. The room might look clumsy if a larger rug is used for small area. Also the shape of the rug is very important. You have to select from, square, rectangular, round or oval rugs and find one that perfectly matches the surroundings. If you are using more than one rug in a room, make sure that the size and shape of them can complement each other.

Select proper colour for the rug
The colours of the rug should be selected in such a way that it perfectly harmonizes with the central theme of the room. Some area looks better with a mono-colour rug, while some others look perfect with a designed one. If the decoration of the room is patterned or ornate, try to use a simple rug, while colourful and heavily designed rugs can bring change in simple rooms. This colour balance should also be maintained when more than one rug is placed in a single room.

Use the rugs as seating alternative
You can place a nice, thick, comfortable rug of suitable size in front of TV in your living room. These rugs can be square or rectangular in shape. They can be used as a comfortable seat for watching movies or playing video games or may serve as a nice play area for children. You might also pile up some thick rugs to keep the children away from cold floor.

Change the look of your room with a rug; A small centre rug of lighter colour may make a small room look larger, while use of a dark coloured and compactly designed rug in a larger room change the feel in reverse way.

Use rug to change the focal point of your room
Rug can bring changes within a room in different ways. You can separate some chairs and table and a lamp with an accent rug to mark it as reading area in the living room.

Select the proper material for the rug
Traditional and contemporary rug can be made of wool or other fabric. Select according to your need or the weather condition.

You are now ready to give a new look to your home by adding a new rug.
Adding a rug to your room is a good choice to enhance the interior decor. Many stores offer rugs for sale, from which you can select a suitable one that fits your requirement.

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