How Salimon Oluwatosin built Cassie Hair brand into a powerhouse

Fashion entrepreneur and serial businesswoman, Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra always knew she was never cut out for any 9-5 job. Immediately she graduated from University of Ilorin, Kwara State with a degree in

History and International Relations she began the quest to find her station in life

“Right from my days in the university, I have always known I wasn’t caught out for a 9-5 job. I have worked several jobs and also worked with different people, but it just never felt whole. Owning my own brand was just something I have always wanted and I knew I would excel in. My journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur was fueled by this yearning for more,” she said.

Like a sailor seeking a treasure Salimon sailed through different waters looking for where to berth and all she saw on the horizon is fashion because she loves to look good and make others look alike. So, imbued with an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision of what she wanted, her future was all laid out before her. And the result was Cassie Hair Brand which was founded in 2015

“Business for me, started as a means of livelihood and passion. I have always been very enthusiastic about everything fashion and those who know me from way back can attest to that fact. I have delved into varying streams of businesses in the fashion world. The Cassie Hair Brand was birthed from this business enthusiasm and also the burning desire to do better for myself,” she said.

She soon learned that finding success or a calling in life is not so much as sustaining it and as a woman in a man’s world challenges abound.

“Being a woman in business in our patriarchal society is pretty tasking as you have to sacrifice double the time, double the sanity, double the hours of sleep… just to make sure operations are smooth. There is also the sacrifice that comes with delegating and trust. As the business expands, it reaches a point where you can no longer do certain things all by yourself, and trusting someone else with that task is pretty complex. The beautiful thing I have learnt is to think of these sacrifices as investments instead of literal sacrifices and that has really made everything worthwhile,” she stated.

From a mere nucleus of a thought Cassie Hair brand was born and in no time became a forced to reckon with in the fashion industry. Despite burgeoning competitors springing up everyday Cassie Hair brand has found its place and stands its ground in all pomp and pageantry.

“Truthfully, I honestly never see other brands in the hair community as competitors. I see them as learning platforms. You see them, you identify their strengths and possible weaknesses, you learn and use the knowledge to do what works best for your business. The Cassie Hair brand is also heavy on social marketing as this has greatly increased our reach, audience and brand exposure,” she said.

Salimon Oluwatosin is the CEO of The Cassie Hair brand and Cassie Fashionistas, a fashion retail brand. She is also a realty consultant and manager. She is affiliated to several other big and small businesses.

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