How 32-yr-old man kidnapped, raped 16-yr-old girl in Gwagwalada

A 16-year-old girl, Peace James, who was kidnapped by one Abubakar Ibrahim from her father’s house in Gwagwalada, Abuja, has been found.

The police found the girl five months after she was kidnapped with an unwanted pregnancy.

Speaking to Blueprint at the Gwagwalada Police Area Command, Miss James, who is an SS2 student said her kidnapper, who is the same person recommended by her parents to treat the bruises she sustained after a fire incident at her mom’s working place, threatened her and kidnapped her when she was alone in the house.

 “When the ‘native doctor’ was treating my wounds, he invited me to his house, but I refused. So he threatened to make my wounds bigger and rotten so I will smell and also warned that I don’t tell my parents, else he will kill them.

“One day, he came in a hijab when I was home alone because of the injury from the burns. He threatened to kill me and my parents if I didn’t follow him.  So, out of fear, I allowed him to cover me with the hijab and he took me away.

“Repeatedly, he slept with me and also gave me out to his friends from whom he collected money whenever they slept with me. He is usually at home and won’t let me go out. He always beat and insulted me and when I told him I was pregnant, he beat me up and chased me out of the compound to go and find a way to abort the pregnancy.”

Her father, Mr.  James, said his daughter had been missing for about five months, adding that he had searched everywhere in Gwagwalada but couldn’t find her and thus reported the matter to the Gwagwalada Police command.

“When my neighbor reported to the police that he saw someone like my daughter, the police called me, because the description matched what I gave and that was how we rescued her.

“Right now, I don’t like the way the matter is being handled by the police. That is why I sought the help of Dorothy Njemanze Foundation after a colleague of mine gave me the contact. All I want is justice for my daughter,” he stated.