Hooded Thugs Allegations: APC is Scared of Wasiu Ayinde’s Prophesy

Osun state Peoples Democratic Party has described as ridiculous, delusional and baseless allegations that the party or its government is planing to attack Tinubu’s rally in Osogbo, reminding the All Progressives Congress (APC) of Wasiu Ayinde’s prophesy of failure when Mr Tinubu last visited the state.

“We find APC and its Osun team as a bunch of illegitimate pretenders to power who daily suffer from delusional disorder and political instability. Having been rejected by the people, they see ghost of their misadventure in power and endlessly chase shadow, leveling baseless allegations against credible leaders of the society who have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavour.

” Only a set of people needing urgent medical attention will list prominent leaders of the state as political thugs.
A party which for four years paraded thugs as its leaders is not ashamed to splash mud on decent leaders of the society like the leading National Assembly candidates of our great party.

” We remind the APC that the PDP is not a party that glorifies the likes of MC Oluomo and Asiri Eniba. We connect with the people with persuasion. So we have no sinister agenda unlike APC that disrupted PDP rallies on several occasions in the prelude to the last election. We have no militia. We have no killer squad unlike Mr Oyetola’s gang which rained bullets on its partymen meeting at Oranmiyan House last year.

” Let the APC be reminded that its praise singer , Wasiu Ayinde had rightly predicted that the victory of PDP in Osun is a prelude to PDP victory at the general election. We are also elated that the Buga judgement had reinforced our peoples conviction that their vote must be against Bola Tinubu and APC.

“We therefore have little to worry about as to our winning the next month’s election. Osun people are solidly behind the PDP. It is the APC that has a lot of pain caused by peoples’ rejection of Kangaroo judgement of last week. That judgement has finally changed the beat. Osun is for Atiku/Okowa. We therefore need no hooded thugs as we have none. What we have is the people and they will use their votes to reject APC and Tinubu come February 25th”, the statement concluded.