Heat: NAHCON advises pilgrims to go around with water 

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has advised Nigerian pilgrims to always go around with water due to the intense heat in Makkah and Maddina.

NAHCON’s head of medical mission in Saudi Arabia, Abubakar Ismail, spoke at a press conference in Makkah, Tuesday.

He stated that the temperature in Saudi Arabia is expected to rise as high as 50 degrees celsius during the peak of the hajj, making heat waves a major concern for authorities.

He said NAHCON’s medical mission is collaborating with state medical teams and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority to monitor pilgrims and provide adequate orientation and care.

Ismail said the commission is employing preventive measures to protect Nigerian pilgrims from heat-related medical emergencies.

“Pilgrims need to avoid the harsh sun as much as possible. If they must go out, they should carry a water bottle and continuously sip on water, even if they don’t feel thirsty,” he said.

 He said over 402 medical personnel have been assigned to serve Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia for the hajj exercise.

Ismail added that over 65,000 Nigerian pilgrims are expected to participate in the hajj, noting that the Saudi authorities recommended one doctor per 1,000 pilgrims.