Harmattan: Charcoal, body hard wear sellers make huge sells in Jos

The sellers of charcoal and body hard wears in Plateau state have confirmed that there were high demand and patronage of their products to ward off the freezing weather in Jos and other parts of the state. 

Blueprint correspondent, reports that although the freezing weather has significantly gone down, yet People still patronised charcoal, as an energy used for local room warming, while others patronised second hand body hard wears, which they use as body warmer. 

A look at some charcoal selling points revealed that People still trooped to make purchase and Malam Bashiru Musa, said they sold dozens of bags per day.

“It has been long years that we have not witnessed cold weather in Jos like this year and so we have made good sales, and People are still coming to buy. The demand is actually high,” he said.

Malam Bashir said prices of the products varies from N1,800 to N1400 depending on the quality a buyer wants.

“People buy a bag of Marke at N1,800, a bag of Dorawa is sold at N1400, at most,” he said.

When asked on the hazard of using charcoal indoor, he said there is a charcoal type that is toxic, adding that they never sold it.

“There are three types of woods, out of which charcoal are made, Marke is the best of them, then Dorawa and the worst is Gwaska which has high toxic,”

Musa explained that, it looks fine in the eyes, strong at hand, the People that knows it, mostly Women don’t even go near it talk less of buying. 

He called on sellers to fear Allah, not to sale the toxic charcoal to buyers, adding that People should always ensure that charcoal is completely burnt before using it indoors. 

Similarly, at the Katako market, many People still patronised hard wear body warmer jackets, joggers and sweaters.

Alhaji Sani SG, a second hand cloth dealer, said: “Demand is high and we are making huge sales  everyday.”

“You can see these People coming from various places of Plateau State and other Northern States, to buy,” he added.

He said each day about 25 to 30 belts of the wears are opened for sale, adding that prices ranges from N350 upward. 

Our correspondent, sighted Charcoal and hard wear buyers, some of whom said they patronised the products to, “protect selves from the hash freezing weather.”

Mrs. Hadiza Ahmad, said she uses charcoal, for both cooking and room warming purposes and, “though the cold has reduced, but I am here to buy another bag, because we expect the cold might still come since we are still in early January.”

“I am very conscious of how I make use of it, I never used it in the room until it burnt completely and it help in keeping room very warm,” she said.

While Mr. Josiah John, said he was second hand cloth sales point to buy jackets for himself and children, “in order to warm and protect our bodies.”  

A community health worker, Tijjani Halilu, said it is good for People to use energy in warming themselves, “the use of charcoal is not bad, but how to use it is always the problem.”

He said charcoal is emitting carbon monoxide, and therefore, People must ensure that after liting it, they should allow it burnt completely, “before taking it into the room.”

“They should also make sure that their windows are left opene to allow air circulations,” he reminded.

In the days of last weekend, Jos experienced lowest temperature of 6.7 degress Celsius, which has now subsided and is fluctuating between 18 early morning, 25 day time and 18 at night.