Hannatu Bashir: Queen Amina of Kannywood

Hannatu Bashir is one of the leading names in the Hausa movie industry, Kannywood. The 22-year-old actress who joined the industry 2012 has gone from an amateur actress to an A-grad artist. In this piece ALIYU ASKIRA examines her rise to fame and her new project depicting the life of the famous Queen Amina of Zazzau.

Hannatu Bashir joined the Hausa movie industry, Kannywood in 2012 through the assistance of Umar Jalo, who is her brother’s friend. Overtime, she graduated from an amateur actress to an A-grade artist.

In fact, according to some of her friends, she now chooses script of films to feature in.

To describe Hannatu as beautiful or sexy is an understatement, another friend of hers said, adding: “If admiring her is a sin, then many of us are ready to be guilty.”

Hannatu is an NCE graduate of Saadatu Rimi College of Education, Kano.

Her manager and Chief Executive Officer of Rite Time Multi-media, Alhaji Sani Sule-Katsina, gave Blueprint Weekend correspondent the opportunity to watch a clip of an Hausa documentary his company is shooting in which Hannatu featured.

The documentary which will run as a television series titled: “Kukan Kurciya” is about old traditional set-up and illustrates how local communities fight each other over land, cattle, women, river or industrial places.

According to Sule-Katsina, the documentary, which is being shot in Kaduna, Zaria, and other Industrial places in the North, is a project that will take long time to finish.

Hannatu, who featured as the famous Queen Amina of Zazzau, rode a horse with a very dangerous spear to fight enemies. A role she played so well that she was made producer of the film while Sule-Katsina became the Executive Producer and sponsor of the documentary.

Speaking to Blueprint Weekend Hannatu, who has also played prominent roles in other Hausa film series, including: Dare Biyu, Mairo, Kukan Kurciya, Hindu and other high budget films, vowed to remain in the fast-growing Industry until she sets a standard that can hardly be beaten.

The actress, who admitted being in serious relationship with an entertainment guru based in Kano, however, refused to disclose his name.

She stated that as far back as 2012 when she joined the industry, she got a contract with MTN to do a billboard advertisement for which she got paid and since then she has been rising and landed full-time engagement with Rite Time Media.

The Kukan Kurciya lead actress noted that at 22 she has a long way to go because she is yet to prove her worth in the Industry though she has gained from the industry.

Blueprint Weekend reports that Hannatu now rides a Honda Pontiac and very soon her, fiancée has promised her a custom-built Benz even though they are yet to fix a date for their wedding.

Speaking on misconception about women in the industry, she said: “I am unhappy whenever I hear people say that we in Kannywood, especially the ladies, are cheap, wayward or do not stay in marriage.

“The truth is, we are into a profession that once we get married, it will be known by the public and when the marriage breaks up, people will also know easily. But the society should know that marriages break on daily basis. As for me, Hannatu Bashir, whenever I settle down with the man I love, I will stay put.”

On whether she could marry someone who is not influential or rich and may be her a colleague in the industry, she answered, “why not? Just wait for my wedding card. If you see the man after my heart, you will be surprised.

“As for the poor man, well, if that is what God has destined, why not too? But you just said I look like a queen, so why are you praying for me to marry poor man?”

Asked whether she had role models in the industry, she said: “As for role models, I have none. Anybody does his job here according to the dictates of sponsors of the film, the director and producer. Ours is to play our role, collect our pay and leave in peace.

Since 2012 that I have been here, I have never zipped down for anybody. In fact, the issue is not on anybody’s agenda here. We are all matured and professionals in our own right.”

Speaking on her passion, Hannatu said: “I like action, horror and adventure films. That is why I featured in Idan Hakane, Mutum ko Aljan, Kukan Kurciya, Mairo, Hindu and a host of others.

“I am now an A-Grade actress, well tutored and can play any role easily. I am still young, I am just 22. So, as you can see, I am well placed in the Industry.”

On her experience in the industry, she said: “I have no regret joining Kannywood. My mentor is Sule-Katsina and if I finally settle down, I will be a good mother and house wife.

“I urge people to watch out for Kukan Kurciya, a fantastic film produced by me Hannatu Bashir and Sani Sule-Katsina, as the executive producer.”

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