Halt electricity tariff hike, association begs FG

The Kano chapter of the Nigerian Association of Small-Scale Industrialists has appealed to the Federal Government to halt the tariff increase in electricity in the country.

The state chairman of the association, Malam Aminu Kurawa, made the appeal at a news conference in Kano.

‘’The association is deeply concerned about the recent implementation of the new electricity tariff in Nigeria,’’ he said.

Kurawa said the sudden increase in electricity tariff had placed an unbearable burden on small-scale industrialists who were already grappling with numerous challenges.

“We are grappling with challenges such as high production costs, limited access to credit facilities, and stiff competition both locally and internationally. The new electricity tariff poses a significant threat to the survival and growth of small-scale industries across the country.

“Many of our members operate on thin profit margins, and any increase in operating costs, such as electricity tariffs, directly impacts our ability to remain competitive in the market with our international counterparts who are already in our local market.

“The new tariff plan will in essence kill the small-scale industrial sector and wreak havoc in the society including insecurity which is already a huge challenge across the country,” he said.

Kurawa called on the government to reconsider the tariff hike and engage in meaningful consultations with stakeholders in the small-scale industrial sector.

He said any decision on electricity tariffs needed to take into account the unique challenges faced by small-scale industrialists in Nigeria.

“We urge all stakeholders, including government agencies, regulatory bodies, and policymakers, to prioritise the interests of small-scale industrialists in Nigeria. Our sector plays a crucial role in driving economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and fostering innovation. We cannot afford to be stifled by exorbitant electricity tariffs that threaten our very existence,” he said.