Groups petition IG, others, over plot to smear Buhari, Emefiele

CBN governor Godwin Emefiele

Two groups, Nigeria First Movement and True Nigeria Patriots have raised alarm over plot by some persons, described as impostors using the names of the organizations to smear the name President Muhammadu Buhari and Mr. Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

The groups alleged that faceless persons have set out to use their names and organise protests by hiring miscreants in Abuja, Lagos and London-UK to march against the President.

The National Coordinator of Nigeria First Movement Emmanuel Anuforo at a press conference jointly addressed petitioned the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of the State Security Services to immediately arrest the impostors and their sponsors and conduct further investigations.

“This is as they further alleged that the sponsors of the smear campaign have already disbursed the sum of about N100m to conduct a robust smear campaign against the President and the CBN Governor. 

“They have already mobilized the media and have set out to hire miscreants under whose cover they will operate.The group claimed they have already identified Mr. Omoyele Sowore and one Mr. Augustine Richard as the recipients of the N100m.”

The groups claimed that the issue which the impostors claimed was the reason for the protest give them away as it was a 2018 matter which had long been laid to rest but because the impostors had nothing else to hold unto to carry out their plot, they have purported to attempt to wake up a dead horse.

Mr. Anuforo insisted “that there is likelihood of more sinister plot underway as the amount disbursed, the desperation of impersonating the leaders of credible pro-Buhari organizations they were never members of and the hiring of miscreants to march and barricade the Central Bank Headquarters all point to more sinister plot which will include attacking staff and causing a stampede at the Headquarters of the bank and attacking other public buildings and innocent persons.”

The groups however apologized to President Muhammadu Buhari and Mr. Emefiele and pledged their continued support and loyalty and also passed a vote of confidence on both men and their ability to fulfill the President’s pledge to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty.

They also urged the President and the CBN Governor to continue to keep their eyes on the ball and not to be dismayed and distracted by the activities of a dishonourable few.

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