Group hails military for working in synergy in line with Tinubu’s demand

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Chief of Defence Staff General Leo Irabor

A non-partisan civil society group, Awareness Initiative has commended the Armed Forces of Nigeria for toeing the line of synergy among sister services and other security agencies in accordance with the demand of President Bola Tinubu.

Blueprint report that President Tinubu during his first meeting with the Service chiefs asked them to work together in order to strengthen the fight against insecurity.

The President also mandated the security agencies to develop a blueprint to deal with the issue of crude oil theft.

Similarly, the present Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Lucky Irabor immediately on assumption of office in 2021 stated that the importance of collaboration between the military and other law enforcement agencies in defeating security threats cannot be overemphasized.

Awareness Initiative in a press release on Sunday signed by the Convener of the Group, Adeshida Bankole, expressed optimism that the jointness in dealing with the security threats will remain a constant feature in the AFN.

The group disclosed that since 2021 the different services of the AFN have worked harmoniously in tackling the security challenges across the country.

“Without doubt, the successes recorded across the various theatres of operation can be linked with the enhanced synergy which the present leadership of the AFN under Gen. Lucky Irabor continues to promote.

“The leadership has drawn a template for cooperation in dealing with the challenges, this falls in line with the current demands of President Bola Tinubu. We are very sure this template will be maintained and serve as modus operandi for future operations.

“We also note the successes being recorded by the AFN in the fight against crude oil thieves in the Niger-Delta, this indeed is another area President Tinubu is particular about. Our AFN, we can, say have done very well in combating the menace of these economic saboteurs.

“We urge the AFN to continue to maintain the template on synergy and anti-crude oil operations,” the group stated.