Group frowns at surging rate of trafficking in Plateau

Plateau state coordinator Child Protection Network (CPN) Mrs Sandra Chikan, has condemned the high rate of child trafficking the state.

The CPN coordinator, in a statement, Sunday, that they would not continue to condone spites of girl and child trafficking for hard labour and prostitution.

“We would no longer condone the illicit acts where children and young people from Plateau State are tricked, forced or persuaded to leave their homes and then transported and forced to work or sold or trafficked for sexual exploitation.

“In view of the alarming increase in cases of child trafficking ,Young girls from Plateau state have in several occasions been lured by syndicates to other countries and states for Prostitution and Child labour.

“Child Protection Network condemns this dastardly act and we call on Parents and Guardians to be aware of these crimes,” she said.

According to CPN, parents and community member should not fail in their primary responsibility of protecting and training their Children.
It further urged community leaders to report any unlawful activity and crimes of such to law enforcement agencies.

“Government should explore options for ensuring policies are implemented and engage stakeholders in concerted effort to combat this menace and criminality,” she said.

Describing the situation as disturbing, Chikan called for stiffer punishment for perpetrators to serve as lesson to others.

“This ugly trend must stop. We have to rise up against it; We will no longer condone this situation,” she stressed.