Group condemns alleged misrepresentation of Bauchi govt

The Bauchi Awareness Forum (BAF), has condemned an article by one Yasir Shehu Adam and published by The Nation newspaper on March 22, 2024, describing it “as a gross misrepresentation of the reality in Bauchi state, perpetuating falsehoods and skewing facts to mislead readers. “

The group said the article lacks credibility, objectivity, and verifiable sources, thereby undermining the significant progress and achievements made by Governor Mohammed’s administration.

The Chairman, Tijjani Dalhatu in a press release explained that the Bauchi state government has spearheaded numerous initiatives, including school renovations, teacher training programs, and the successful reintegration of over 500,000 out-of-school children.

” Moreover, the implementation of technology-driven solutions such as the TMIS and School Quality Assurance Dashboard Applications has significantly improved the quality of education in the State.

“The healthcare sector has also witnessed substantial enhancements under Governor Mohammed’s leadership, with investments directed towards healthcare facilities, medical training, and the provision of essential medical supplies. Collaborative efforts with the United Nations Children’s Fund have resulted in the renovation of 43 Primary Health Care Centres, ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all residents.

“Additionally, the establishment of the State Social Health Insurance Scheme and the Bauchi State Health Contributory Management Agency underscores the government’s commitment to providing affordable and quality healthcare services to its citizens.

“Infrastructure development has been a pivotal focus of Governor Mohammed’s administration, with strategic investments in road network improvements and transportation systems, fostering economic growth and development in the state.

“Similarly, robust agricultural programs aimed at increasing food production, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy have been successfully implemented, further boosting the agricultural sector in Bauchi State.

“The Bauchi Awareness Forum recognizes and commends these transformative initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of the people of Bauchi State. We urge the public to celebrate these achievements and reject the dissemination of misleading and sensationalistic content by irresponsible media outlets.

“As a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in governance, BAF calls upon media practitioners to uphold the principles of responsible journalism by verifying information before publication. Biased and inaccurate reporting, as exemplified in Adam’s article, only serves to perpetuate misinformation and erode public trust in the media.

“BAF urges the people of Bauchi State to discern fact from fiction and resist manipulation by external sources of disinformation. Editorial integrity and ethical standards must not be compromised for the sake of sensationalism, as the public’s right to accurate and unbiased information remains paramount.

“In conclusion, the Bauchi Awareness Forum stands firmly against the propagation of falsehoods and sensationalism, advocating for fact-based reporting and informed discourse to foster a more enlightened and empowered citizenry.

“We remain committed to promoting accountability, transparency, and good governance in Bauchi State, and we urge all stakeholders to join us in this crucial endeavor,” he said.