Grant waiver on electric vehicles, solar power components – Enterpreneur tells FG

An entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer, Tropicalgate Foundation, Dr Nnamdi Mbaigbo, Friday, urged the federal government of Nigeria to grant duty waivers for manufacturers, assemblers, and importers of electric vehicles and solar power systems.

Mbaigbo, who stated this in a statement, argued that granting duty waivers would contribute immensely towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generally mitigating the impact of climate change for sustainable development.

He said, “By incentivising their production and import, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. Duty waivers would encourage investment in electric vehicles ( EV) manufacturing and assembly within Nigeria, fostering job creation and technological advancement.

“Waiving import duties for EV components and solar equipment would stimulate local production. This, in turn, supports our domestic industries and enhances self-reliance. Assemblers and manufacturers would benefit from reduced costs, allowing them to offer competitive prices to consumers. Solar power systems contribute significantly to energy diversification.

“By supporting their import and local assembly, we enhance our energy security and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It would facilitate the adoption of solar energy solutions across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Nigeria can align with global sustainability goals and attract foreign investment.”