Gov Buni killing two birds with one stone

It is not an exaggeration to say that Governor Mai Mala Buni is killing two birds with one stone in the art of governance of Yobe state. Within the last six years of his stewardship as the chief executive officer of Yobe state, tremendous achievements have been made to uplift the state and its people.

Because of his desire to make a difference, Governor Buni created additional ministries and agencies. One of such is the Ministry of Wealth Creation, Empowerment and Employment Generation. This ministry is saddled with the responsibility of  creating wealth among the people of the state through empowering them in various businesses.

As a leader passionate about making a difference in the life of the people of the state, he is thinking out of the box and trying out new ideas to meet the yearnings and aspirations of his people. No wonder, Governor Buni created the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management. The ministry is playing a crucial role in mitigating disasters either man made or otherwise.

His unwavering commitment and dedication to providing infrastructure, boosting agriculture, quality education, security and other social amenities is a clear testimony of his sterling qualities.

The last six years of Governor Buni’s stewardship has steered Yobe state to a greater level of progress and development, becoming a reference point in positivity. Over these years, Yobe state has witnessed remarkable advancement in various critical sectors, especially in improving health care, education, infrastructure and, most notably, the water sector, has set Yobe state on a path of growth and prosperity.

The successful implementation of numerous water projects has not only improved access to clean and safe drinking water but also significantly contributed to the health and well-being of the communities in Yobe state.

His leadership and visionary governance have rekindled a renewed sense of hope and optimism in the state. Governor Buni’s courageous measures and decisive actions have been nothing short of transformative as the introduction of policies to attract investments for the state.

The governor has silenced his critics and proven them wrong by ensuring his administration is inclusive and fair to all religious groups. His tireless efforts in building bridges and addressing to the concerns, hopes, and aspirations of the people of Yobe state have positioned him as a leader capable of realising the dreams of a united, prosperous and inclusive Yobe state.

Under Governor Buni’s watch, Yobe has witnessed transformative strides aimed at diversifying the state’s economy. He has given the state a sense of belonging as well as direction that anybody coming behind would build on.

His leadership, devoid of all sentiments and differences, has brought hope and progress to the people of Yobe state. The governor’s tireless efforts to rebuild and uplift the community in the face of daunting challenges have not gone unnoticed. He acknowledges the challenges of governance, constantly balancing available resources to meet the needs and expectations of the governed.

Governor Buni emphasised his role in aligning competing interests for the benefit of all and fighting internal and external elements to ensure success in serving the people.

Security has been given the desired recognition by the governor as he has reiterated that in fighting insecurity in the state, his administration has maintained very high professionalism, abided by the rule of law, respect for human rights, and complied with global best practices. His leadership is pragmatic and full with ambitious vision to chart a course for the eventual development of the state. The Governor Buni leadership has been marked by a series of impactful events that have undoubtedly bettered the lives of the people of Yobe state.

That was why he created the Yobe State Geographic Information System which plays a role in the increase of revenue generation in the state that significantly helps the administration in meeting the yearning and aspirations of the people of the state.

Usman Santuraki,

No 2, Santuraki Close,

Demsawo, Jimeta, Yola,

Adamawa state


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