Godogodo in Kaduna under siege by bandits, Chief raises alarm

The people of Godogodo in Jema’a local government area of Kaduna state have expressed concern over the increasing security challenges bedevilling the area of recent leading to the loss of several lives and property.
They alleged that suspected herdsmen have killed many innocent people including the head of vigilante group, Frank Zakiri, in Godogodo village.

It is alleged that the deceased, Frank Zakiri, is known for leading other vigilantes in protecting his community and environs against invaders that killed and destroyed properties.
The increasing spate of killings in the area has sent fears in the hearts of the people now sleeping with only one eye closed not knowing what may happen and where the bandits will come from.

A source who craved anonymity explained that the Chief of Godogodo, Iliya Ajiya, received the killing of the head of the vigilante with great shock, assuring the villagers would continue to fight against invaders for the protection of their community.
He said as a community, they have resolved irrespective of any differences to continue to protect one another against what he called enemies of progress especially during the rainy season when majority of the people who are peasant farmers will go out everyday to farm for their survival.

The chief noted that without peaceful coexistence, it would be difficult for the people who are peasant farmers to carry out their lawful activities of ensuring stable food supply to the immediate families and cater for other needs.
He called on government at all levels to ensure proactive measures are taken to checkmate the activities of criminal elements in the society in order to allow people go about their lawful activities for a peaceful and harmonious society.