Genus launches carbon technology based inverter batteries

Genus Innovation Ltd, manufacturers of inverters, batteries and solar solutions, and Simba Industries, distributors of Genus in Nigeria, have announced the launch of a carbon technology based tubular battery for inverters.

This heavy-duty tubular battery has been developed by Genus’ in-house R&D team, specifically to meet the power and usage conditions of countries like Nigeria, and follows extensive research in the country. Genus, which is recognised as an innovator in the inverter and battery industry, set out to create a battery which not only meets demanding usage conditions, but also excels in those conditions.

Speaking on behalf of Simba Industries, recently in Lagos, Sandeep Sharma said, “Genus is best known as the pre-eminent innovator in the inverter space, and was the first company in India – the biggest inverter market – to design and popularise the Sine Wave Inverter which has come to be the industry standard here in Nigeria.”

Sharma added, “Using patented carbon-based technologies and nano-materials to ensure that the battery plates are more resistant against charging current, while allowing a greater depth-of-discharge and more charge cycles, Genus has achieved the trifecta – a battery that charges faster, lasts longs and performs better.”

These innovations and technical developments have enabled the company to offer an industry leading 24-month warranty on these batteries for the end consumer, from 2021. Genus batteries are available through Simba’s extensive network of dealers nationwide, and equally supported by their pan-Nigeria network of Simba Service centres.