Frenzy mood as One Percent, Jav Christmas Village decorate, light up Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja was at the weekend agog as One Percent International and Jav Christmas Village decorate, light up and brought fun to the city centre and its environs.

Addressing newsmen, the CEO of One Percent International, Amb. Stephanie Nnadi, gave kudos to the founders of Jav Christmas Village, for lighting up the capital city, adding that what people go far and wide to seek has been brought closer to them.

“The Jav sisters are trained and I can tell you that everything you see here have pictures. They did it themselves because of their clear vision and also their details for perfection. This is their dream and we’re here to make sure that we turn on the lights and that children will have a place to always go during this festive period,” she said.

Asked about their expectations, Amb. Nnadi said what they want is something that will make people happy, adding, “we’re expecting that everybody will turn up here and this is the opening day. There’s one at Transcorp and Gwarimpa, you can visit anyone closer to you. We are saying you should come and have fun and this is festive period and a time to be happy.

“We are given positive energy and no matter what you’re going through, this is the time to relax and also reflect. This is the time for families to be happy. No matter what the problems are or your situation, we just have to be happy and grateful that we are alive today.”

Speaking of the significant of lighting the tallest Christmas tree in Africa, the CEO of One Percent International said, “we are bringing comfort, bringing good tidings, bringing hope, bringing everything good as far as Nigeria is concerned.

“We and the Jav Christmas Village are selling happiness and joy and the job is still going on and people are here, they just want to have fun. They just want to see the lights and that’s what we’re going to achieve today.”

The duo of Jennifer Fatorisa and Valentine Meguri, the co-founder of Jav Christmas Village, expressed joy for bringing happiness to the people of Abuja.

They said their desire was to bring 80 feet tall Christmas tree, but they eventually succeeded in getting 88 feet tall.

“We have achieved the tallest tree in Africa that we are very, very happy about. Yes, we are glad, and we have also achieved the joy and the laughter, the happiness, the togetherness of people coming together.

“Formally the Christmas Village usually receives about 50,000 guests, so we hope it will it doubled this year. We hope to have over 80,000 people. That’s our dream.

“We call on the government to support us. We actually haven’t gotten any support from the government. We always seek funds from banks most times. But we really wish that government will come and support us because this is a tourist destination,” they said.

Malaysian Ambassador to Nigeria, Amb. Devi Gopal, described the development as a big achievement, adding, “I think it’s a great avenue for people to get together as well. It looks like an amusement park, and people are just eager to kick start so they can enjoy this place.

“I will say this is a good start for people in Abuja, this is a place people can meet and socialize. So it’s a good start, this something that we have all chosen.”

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Commissioner of Police, Haruna Garba, who represented the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun said, “I can see a tall tree here, the tree is the tallest in Africa.

“I’m here to represent the Inspector of police IGP Kayode Egbetokun.”

Asked about the security of the venue, he said, “we are prepared ever before. You know this is ember month culminating in the Christmas and New Year celebration.

“It’s not the first time we are Celebrating Christmas, we are well prepared to ensure that the residents of FCT and entire country celebrates new year and Christmas with their loved ones in peace.”