Forum condemns killing of CAN chair

Rev Andimi

The Abuja Muslim Forum (AMF) has condemned the assassination of Reverend  Lawan Andimi, the chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Michika local government area of Adamawa by terrorists, describing it as ungodly, barbaric and goes contrary to the teachings of Islam.

The chief Ameer of AMF, Mr Luqman Ahmad, in a statement on Thursday said:  “We vehemently condemn the illegal, unIslamic and unjustifiable bloodshed being perpetrated by this anti-Islamic group called .

does not represent Islam and Muslims at all, because Islam holds human life in sanctity.

“That is why Allah equates the unjust assassination of one soul to the killing of mankind altogether.

 ”So, the killing on Monday, Jan. 20 of Rev Lawan Andimi by the Boko Harām terrorists was never and can never be in the interest of Islam and Muslims”.

The group  joins the Muslim community across the country to commiserate with the Christian community across Nigeria.

He said,  “Islam is a religion of peace and part of its cardinal teachings is harmonious co-existence irrespective of our differences in colour or language.” (NAN).

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