Focus on security, power, agriculture, APC chieftain, Jalo tells Tinubu

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu

A  Gombe state chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Barrister Abdullahi Jalo has identified three key areas President Bola Ahmed Tinubu must prioritize to fulfill his campaign promises and put Nigeria on the path of growth. 

Speaking with newsmen, Thursday in Abuja, Jalo who expressed confidence that Tinubu has all it takes to succeed said the former Lagos state governor remains the most prepared and richly endowed leader with a clear vision of where Nigeria deserves to be. 

He said: “Now that our President  Bola Tinubu has  achieved his life long ambition of becoming the president of Nigeria, I join millions of Nigerians who worked and prayed for his success during the last elections to congratulate him and his Vice, Kashim Shettima  over their well deserved victory. 

“With the elections over, it is time to face the business of governance, time time is of the essence. I join all well meaning Nigerians to remind our great leader of the need for him to prioritize three areas namely: (1) Security (2) Power and 3. Agriculture . Getting these three area right is key to unlocking Nigeria’s greatness. 

“ He should also lead Nigerians with the fear of Allah because he needs the protection and direction from his creator to succeed. He must not neglect justice and fairness because a just society will be a largely peaceful one. “

Jalo urged  the president to focus on policies that will greatly reduce hardships being faced by ordinary Nigerians. 

He said, “I will like to see our President follow through with his promise to improve agricultural production through modernizing the sector through the provision of modern equipment and credit facilities at affordable interest rates to make farming attractive to the nation’s young population. 

“ No government which intends to succeed can ran away from feeding its people. With proper attention we will not only grow food to feed ourselves we will also grow for export to earn foriegn exchange. 

“We will also like to see the President take steps to improve our electoral process by signing the bill passed by the National Assembly for candidates to run as independent candidates. The bill is among those former President Buhari could not sign before leaving office. 

Jalo appealed to religious leaders to keep praying for Nigeria so that president Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be surrounded by people who mean well for Nigerians not selfish individuals who will put self above the national interest.