FMC Bida: The declaration of Nupe community in Niger state

The incumbent Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Bida, Niger state, Dr. Aminu Usman Toma, who came on board on August 12, 2011, will exit office by August 12, this year, meaning he has spent eight good years already as medical director of this health institution, completing his second non-renewable term.
Aminu, being a son of the soil with the revered title of Lafiyan Nupe, has tried tremendously in seeing the Bida Federal Medical Centre reach its peak, in terms of capacity building, both in the staff and infrastructure, medical equipment and staff welfare. Also very significantly, he singlehandedly kick started the foundation of a new permanent site.

Dr. Aminu will surely be remembered by his people as a hero who championed the cause of his people. History will also recognize him as one of the best medical directors since its establishment in April, 1997 by the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha.
As the search for a suitable candidate to replace Dr. Aminu Toma as medical director gains momentum, the staff of the Bida Federal Medical Centre and the host community are seriously apprehensive and critical of who emerges at the end of the day. This is for the sole purpose of continuity of those lofty and laudable developmental feats in both human and infrastructure the outgoing Head as achieved.
As it is, the Nupe Community acknowledges the supportive and enviable contributions made by some of his other colleagues which includes the likes of Dr. Sunday Erinle, Dr. Haruna Idris, Dr. Adekanya Adedeji and, of course, Dr. UsmanAbubakar. These great patriots and excellent professionals were to Dr. Toma’sadministration, the pillars, scaffold and springboard upon which his legacy projects were erected.

Alternatively, they were the committed and loyal Aminu Toma’s foot soldiers at the Federal Medical Centre, Bida.
By and large, if continuity is anything to go by, the mantle of leadership after Dr. Aminu should not and must not be out of these four team players, because that will guarantee continuity and consolidation of so many good foundational projects, the outgoing head put in place. This is very paramount, because if the community interest is ignored hardly will the institution record any meaningful success, as the people may easily undermine any good effort toward progress of the medical centre and therefore, the need to carry the community along in the discharge of policies and by extension in the selection of who will head the centre after the exit of Toma.
People may be accused of being sectional, biased and whipping up primordial sentiments. But I don’t think it so. If an indigene, is found to be the most qualifies or competent why must he be stopped from showing interest and even appointed to the highest position? I see no basis for that becasue that is what is obtainable in civilized climes all over the world.
In conclusion, our (people of the community) candid submission is buttressed on the fact that all Federal Medical Centres across the country have indigenes as their medical directors, except in the few cases of lack of qualified candidates or, otherwise. And with this we rest our case.
Dokodza is the
Chairman, Nupe Community Association