First organic market launched in Abuja

FCT Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat in collaboration with Abuja Organic Farmers have launched the first organic market in the FCT.  

The market which was launched recently will ease access to organic produce across the Federal Capital Territory by proponents of organic produce.

There are plans to replicate the market in all Area Councils across the FCT.

Speaking during the launch, Director Administration FCTA, Agriculture and Rural development Secretariat, Mrs Ann Ijeoma, said the market was introduced because it is very important for FCT and other neighbouring states to embark on organic commercialization due to its health benefits.

“You see, organic farming is a very good system of farming because of what is happening now, it becomes very necessary to enlighten people on organic farming and on the need for organic farming.

“For instance, when they said people are suffering from cancer, people are suffering from different kinds of illnesses because of what we eat. That is why we are initiating this organic farming. Organic farming did not start today; in fact we have been trying even before now to ensure that our farmers are enlightened on diverting from fertiliser to organic.”

On how the citizens will know, Ann said the field officers who go to field to educate the farmers of the market will spread the good news so that organic farmers can bring their produce.

She said jingles will be developed and air for proper sensitisation.

Also the head crop producer, Matthew Chukwudi Chime said, “the initiative is new “in the sense that we are trying to move from where we were to where we are now.

“A lot of ailments that are not known are ravaging the citizens’ health, there is this illusion that organic items are too expensive but I believe those organic products are not good because they are cheap. They are actually the costliest because they are the best.

“If you want to buy organic products, you must have money in your pocket. For instance, If you want to live long there is no other way to go than to use organic products,” he said.

The Secretary, Ibadan Go Organnic Multipurpose Cooperative Society, and Sponsor, Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative, Dr. Olufemi AyanfeOluwa, who trained members of the Abuja Organic Marketers/ Organic farmers in a two days programme, said the market will encourage healthy feeding and enable consumers of Organic produce to have easy access to a place where they can purchase certified organic produces.

AyanfeOluwa trained the farmers on several organic farming systems, the farmers were also trained on preparation of organic pesticides, herbicides, organic livestock feeds among others.  

He warned on the certification processes, saying if one in the group of organic farmers in a cluster is disqualified during the certification processes, the whole members of the group is deemed disqualified, hence the farmers will keep to the standard of organic farmers.