FG urges stakeholders to strengthen existing environmental laws, others

The Federal government has urged all stakeholders to strengthen the enforcement of existing environmental laws and regulations with a view to preventing further degradation of the land resources.

The Minister of Environment, Balarabe Abbas Lawal, in his message to commemorate World Environment Day in Abuja, added that it will foster global awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

This year’s theme ” Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience”

The minister emphasizes that not only protecting what we have but also the need to restore and rejuvenate our agricultural landscape in order to ensure food security and sustain a heathy ecosystem for our future generation.

He explained that Nigeria, like many other countries around the world, is facing significant environmental challenges, our land resources are under immense pressure from a variety of factors ranging from deforestation, unsustainable land management practices and the adverse impacts of climate change. 

“These challenges not only threaten the health and well-being of our people but also jeopardize the sustainability of our ecosystems and the prosperity of future generations. 

“Nigeria is making significant progress in addressing land degradation and desertification through initiatives such as the Great Green Wall Project (GGW), Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) and Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscape (ACResal).

Lawal noted that measures have been implemented through this programmes and projects to restore degraded landscapes, promote sustainable land management practices and enhance the resilience of communities to drought and desertification. 

“We have strengthened partnerships with local communities, civil society organizations, and international partners to mobilize resources and expertise towards reviving our lands, ecosystem and the environment in general, World Environment Day today and let us recommit ourselves to the goal of accelerating land restoration, enhancing drought resilience, and combating desertification,” he stressed.

Lawal said to attain environmental sustainability, we must strengthen pollution control measures and promote sustainable waste management practices. Our efforts to reduce plastic waste and encourage recycling must be intensified at all levels. 

“This includes promoting sustainable land use practices, enforcing land tenure rights and cracking down on illegal logging, deforestation, poaching and all other acts capable of destroying our natural environment. 

He further states that we must invest in the rehabilitation and restoration of degraded landscapes through afforestation, reforestation, and sustainable land management techniques that would enhance ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration and water filtration. 

“Globally, there is the need to explore technologies that will drastically reduce Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions especially in the transport sector and other domestic appliances. We must endeavour to mainstream climate change adaptation and resilience-building measures into our national development plans and policies.