FERMA: Bauchi-Jos highway needs urgent intervention

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The lives of the commuters passing through Jos-Bauchi road to other states in the North-east and North-central regions are in precarious situations as a result of the gully erosion that washed away the road in Narabi, Toro local government area of Bauchi state.

The affected area has already been declared dangerous by the residents. Though the area has been closed-off with stones and a red rope to serve as a warning signal to motorists, they are still managing to pass through at a low speed, this is because there is no alternative.

Nonetheless, the Federal Road Maintenance Agency, FERMA, should hurriedly come to the aid of commuters by repairing the affected area before it will be damaged completely and cause havoc to motorists flying the roads on a daily basis.

It’s good for the FERMA to know that the way is the only way linking the entire north-central and north-east. Also, the agency is aware that the road is among the busiest roads in Nigeria. Meanwhile, if FERMA refuses to hurriedly fix up the ashed away area, it will affect and endanger the lives of thousands of commuters as well as stop motorists’ movement entirely. 

Similarly, it’s undoubtedly that the Bauchi-Jos road has become a dead zone for commuters because of the heavy potholes along the road. This has been continuously claiming the lives of innocent commuters daily.

Annoyingly, the Bauchi-Jos highway is among the highways recording high rates of accidents in Nigeria. Given this, the federal government approved the sum of 348 billion in 2018 for the dualisation of the road from Akwanga-Jos-Bauchi to Gombe, this is to reduce the risk of accidents along the road but, nothing has been done on the ground yet for the actualisation of the project.

Therefore, since the protection of the lives and property of every citizen is bestowed upon the government’s shoulders, it is significant for the FERMA to urgently intervene by repairing the washed-away area, this is to save innocent lives. Also, since the outgoing president is unable to fulfil his promise, we are drawing the attention of the incoming president Ahmad Bola Tinubu to dualise the road hence the need is to save lives and properties.

Meanwhile, we need FERMA’s urgent intervention before the new administration settles if not lives are at stake and only God knows what will happen if the road is damaged completely.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,

Magama, Toro, Bauchi state