FCT FADAMA implements 128 projects under user groups

The FCT FADAMA III Acting Project Cordinator, Rotimi Ajayi has said his coordinating office has successfully implemented a total number of 128 Subprojects For Fadama User Groups  (FUG) and Fadama Community Associations (FCA) under parent project of Fadama III Project which includes infrastructure, Agro-processing, Livestock,Fisheries crop production as well as capacity building training and advisory services to participating farmers.

Ajayi in his address at the presentation of award to Fadama Friendly Area Council of the year 2017/2018 to Chairman of Kwali Area Council of FCT Abuja recently at the Council secretariat also revealed that under Fadama III additional Financing Projects, several Production clusters has implemented their Subprojects along the three value chain crops of cassava, rice and sorghum.

He said the impressive success recorded at Fogbe community where the production cluster engaged in seed multiplication and produced about 80 metric tons of certified rice seed, while realizing a yield of 4 MT/HA ton per hecter as against an avareage yield of 0.8 MT/HA As this indicates 400% increase in output.

He eulogies the Chairman of the area council as he recalled the significant support he provided towards ensuring the successful implementation of Kwali Cassava Processing Center fitted with modern processing facilities and hygienic environment for sustainable processing of cassava.

Ajayi however admonished the Council Chairman to work towards ensuring the adoption of the concept of ‘Community Driven Development'(CDD) on which the principled implementation of projects is anchored.

“This will ensure the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders in the processes of conception, planning, implementation as well as utilization and maintenance of developmental projects executed by the Area Council,” he said.

The Chairman, Kwali Area Council, Hon Joseph Shazin(JP) was elated while receiving the award and urged other organizations both private and public to borrow a leave from what Fadama is doing in the area of Agriculture to bring developmental projects to the Area Council and FCT as a whole.

“I expects honour from other areas because we have tried our best even though this is an election year but this award is a results of previous work we did from year 2010 to 2013 and the feedback has been coming and we expect more before our terminal date “

“I appeal to other area councils to embrace agriculture especially Fadama projects”

“I will advise them at our association meeting and let them know what we have achieved here with Fadama Coordinates finances as we have their desk office here since year 2010”. He said.

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