Faulty BVAS causes rowdiness at Jabi upstairs, Soldiers wade in

Voting exercise which started peacefully at Jabi Upstairs in Jabi area got disrupted midway when the BVAS started giving issues and stop working.

According to a witness, Barrister Chris Onyekachi who voted at the polling centres, he told Blueprint that the situation became rowdy as voters suddenly turned against INEC officials, insisting that something must be done to rectify the situation.

Sensing that the police on duty were unable to curtail the situation after about two hours, the officials called in the soldiers who calmed the situation.

Thirty minutes later, the BVAS started working again but as at that time the crowd of voters had become uncontrollable.

However, as at 1:95pm the combined team of security agencies swung in and normalized the situation.

Meanwhile, there was a mild drama at Mango tree, where a mentally deranged man called Ibro almost disrupted the voting exercise.

Ibro, who dorned the Nigerian flag equally carried a travelling bag shouting ‘Nigeria is gone’ ‘Nigeria is gone’

His actions temporarily disrupted the proceedings and rattled voters who were on the queue.

It took the intervention of the police men who dragged him away before normalcy returned.