Extolling the leadership style of Gov Masari

It has been six years of his stewardship in Katsina state despite the herculean challenges of governance posed by insecurity. HAMIDO SABO writes on the style of Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina state whose tenure would expire in less than two years.

In life, it is said that motive determines the value of one’s conduct. Also, it is believed that the strong one is not he who knocks out others in a wrestling contest, but one who controls himself even when he is roused.

For anyone following developments in Katsina state most especially from 2015 to date when Aminu Bello Masari became governor, one can accept the fact that Masari is someone always available and eager to reach out to help those in needs across the length and breath of the state.
Interestingly, he is a political leader who always identifies himself with all classes of people and their burdens. Whether rich or poor, he gives attention to all as he was quoted in various fora saying that, “Kindness is like a butter; it works well when you spread it around”. It is therefore the belief of many in every part of the state that Governor Masari has never turned down the hands of beggars going by his principle of ‘whoever asks should be given’.
More so, even from the political history of the state, no governor elected, appointed or any political office holder of his calibre matched kindness or sincere openness with him.

Royal credence

Lending credence to this, just recently, the Emir of Daura, Faruk Umar Faruk, during one of the turbaning ceremonies in his palace in Daura town declared about Governor Masari in front of thousands of his followers when said that he is the most veracious man that he has ever meet in his life time as an Emir.
The Emir who is one of the most respected monarchs in the entire Hausa land categorically stated, “Masari is not a thief” even though the Emir was turbaned by the late Yar’adua when he was governor. The Emir believes the veracity of Masari especially on the issue of openness, accountability and transparence.
In fact, His Royal Highness expressed his happiness on the way and manners banditry and insecurity matters are being handled with seriousness under the watch of the governor himself.

According to the Emir about the way the state government has been handling banditry he said, “In all my dealings with the governor, I can conveniently testify that he is not a thief.”
In his testimony about the governor, His Royal Majesty described Masari severally as a gentleman, a good leader who has the love of his people at heart, as he disclosed that masari had shed tears times without number over the insecurity situation ravaging the state.

Journalists/civil society’s testimony

Also, among journalists who have been following developments in the state, they gave a pass mark to Governor masari for his efforts and decision to meet the bandits at their various camps in the bush across the state just to save the lives of his people. In fact, the opposition particularly the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was left with no option than to express their gladness while the party equally prays for serenity to return in the state.

In one of its forum, Katsina journalists and civil society organisations thanked the governor for his sincere approach in handling banditry issues and the provision of all the needed assistance towards the security agents in the state.

IGP lauds Masari

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Alkali whose was appointed recently while on a visit to Katsina last month expressed his joy and happiness over the manners the security operation is been assisted by the state government.

No political rancour

Today in Katsina state, it can be said that there is no political rancour ranging from party affairs, legislatives affairs, judiciary and executives affairs. This, no doubt, is simply because under the Masari-led administration, the state government has not given room for that. Even the recent ward congress, local government congresses and the just concluded state congress of the ruling party in the state, there was no rancour or discontent about the way it was conducted simply because Masari is sincere to all. For the first time in history, all the 34 local government areas have representatives to run the affairs of the party.

Besides, Governor Masari is the first chief executive of the state who appointed his secretary to the government of the state (SGS) twice despited all odds and complains within and outside. The beauty of it all is that Masari is one of the leaders who can easily evaluate the different reactions to holders of political mandate that are necessities in political leardership and the response of those in authority that are characterised by appreciation, tolerance maturity, objectivity, acceptability, fairness.

According to one of Governor Masari’s aides who does not want to be quoted, “My boss is a kind of leader who believes that only fake people gossip about every one .

He believes that real people mind their business.” Masari hadly entertain gossip and romours as he always investigate issues before action. To some extent, he always devote himself totally to the fulfillment of his mission, particularly in both the development of the people and delivery of projects.

No rivalry in gov’t Masari is one of the leaders who has so much trust and love to his deputy, Qs, Mannir Yakubu as goes by the saying of those closed to the governor that both of them normally eat and interact together for the simpe reason of moving the state forward.

It could be recalled that Katsina is the only APC state that elected its deputy governor twice and things work accordingly devoid of abuse of office, but service to humanity. Gis deputy, Mannir Yakubu to many is the most loyal leader. To some extent, Governor Masari at different Fora praised and presented him to the public as the most sincere and hardworking person. In fact, it is believed that on many issues that affect the state, Masari often contacts his deputy for decision.

Today in Katsina, developmental projects spring up everywhere most especially in the area of human capital development. Also, poverty has drastically reduced, just as insecurity is also on a declining trend. Officials of the health sector recently gave a thump up to the governor for achievements despite the banditry. Also, the educational sector in the state is on its way out of long decay. The free education policy most especially is witnessing a high number of students that got reasonable scores in their WAEC and SSCE examinations. At the moment, potable water is available as well as environmental protection, all achieved following the determination of the state government.
It is quite true that the successful management of the political mandate is not a matter of trial and error but of implementation of restoration agenda by Masari which also consisted of a well-thought principles of specific action that are designed to produce positive results.
No doubt, Masari has excelled in human development within the six years of his administration.

Political watchers say from the way he administered Katsina in the last six years, even after he exits Katsina Government House, Masari’s assignment is not yet over.

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