Experts seek financial education for farmers

Experts have called for financial literacy among farmers towards unlocking growth in the Nigerian agricultural sector. 

The call was made weekend at a financial management training for farmers and agribusinesses.

Speaking at the event,  Advisory and Research Lead at Vestance Limited, Mr. Razaq Fatai, said improved financial management will not only boost farmers’ ability to secure funding but also drive strategic decision-making for long-term growth.

Fatai said these skills are crucial for attracting sustainable private funding and managing investments effectively thereby reducing reliance on government support and bolstering the agricultural sector’s long-term growth.

Over the last decade, federal and state governments, along with international development organisations, have invested heavily in agriculture in Nigeria. While progress is evident in sectors like rice production, empowering farmers with financial management skills would unlock greater potential. 

In his presentation, Vestance Limited Financial Advisory Lead, Mr. Adetayo Adedeji,  stated that “Farmers and agribusinesses often miss out on valuable funding opportunities and sustainable growth due to limited financial understanding.

“By developing their skills in financial management, they can significantly optimise their operations and enhance their financial positions, making them more attractive to investors,” he said.