Ex-Buhari’s aide slams South-west on regional security



Former special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on House of Representatives affairs,  Abdulrahman Sulaiman Kawu Sumaila, has condemned South west over of regional security outfit known as Amotekun. 

Sumaila told newsmen Sunday that creation of such in the regions would not augur well for the country.

H e said such outfits would only aggravate the situation at hand by enhancing ethnicity and disunity among Nigerians. 

He  said if established, such could be used to harass people living in other regions which they did not belong to, adding  that, there were many northerners conducting their businesses in Southern part of the country and there were also southerners doing their businesses in the north. 

“He said there is every tendency that such outfits could be used to harass northern residing in the south and vice versa. So, formation of regional would rather divide Nigerians than uniting them. 

He berated the creation of Amotekun security outfit, calling on the federal government to discard the call, as according to him it would not add any value to the quest of addressing the insecurity challenges. 

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