Ensure proper waste management to end open dumping – Perm Sec

The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Environment, lbramhim Yusufu said, it is a necessity for sound structures to be put in place for containment, collection, treatment, reuse/recycle and final disposal of all waste types (Solid, liquid & gaseous) thereby ensuring proper waste management and ending open dumping.

He made this known in a press briefing to commemorate the National Environment Sanitation Day in Abuja.

The theme for this year’s National Environmental Sanitation Day is “Promoting Sustainable Waste Management for a Healthy Environment: Stop Open Dumping”.

“It was established to institutionalize the sound environmental sanitation practice as a lifestyle amongst the populace through massive awareness creation and reward for innovative best practices in environmental sanitation.

Yusufu stated that the provision of safe functional sanitary facilities and services in every premises for the management of waste materials (hazardous & non-hazardous) is a necessity for sustainable waste management; this will go a long way in ensuring high level of behavioural change with respect to SDG 3, 6, and 7 on good health and well-being, access to clean water and sanitation as well as safe management of sanitation.

“Therefore, this theme entails the need for everyone everywhere: households, business premises, schools etc to have sanitary facilities and services which is functional and cost-effective to ensure the protection of our eco-system, aesthetic value of the environment and natural resources.

Yusufu urged Nigerians to Promote public health and improve the quality of lives of the populace thereby reducing poverty through environmental sustainability. Prevent odour nuisance and further transmission of sanitary related disease.

“Improve resource recovery, reuse and recycling thereby promoting circular economy in waste management.

Prevent blockage of drainages, water pathways and flooding of the communities”, he stressed.