Embrace electric cars, Umar tells polo enthusiasts

Polo and sports lovers have been admonished to go for electric cars as the in-thing and the way to go as regular cars will soon be phased out in Nigeria in the next few years.

Speaking to Blueprint correspondent at the sideline of the ongoing 2023 National Carnival Polo Tournament, Hajia Rabi Umar, manager of KB Lamah Motors Ltd said ‘electric cars have come to stay’.

Several types of electric cars are being showcased at the ongoing 2023 National Carnival Polo tournament being held at the Guards Polo Club in Abuja.

They include Toyota, Mercedes Benz and various other models.

“You need to do anything except charging and some of them can run up to 700 km before their battery runs down. Some do 500km. Some 600km depending on their capacity.

“With electric car you don’t need to buy fuel or service the car.

“A lot of people might look at it as very expensive but when you consider all other factors I can assure you that electric car is very cheap and economical in the long run,” he said.

According to Hajia Umar, “electric cars are better, cleaner and kinder to the environment than their petrol or diesel-powered counterparts. This is because they are typically charged by electricity. No exhaust fumes are produced meaning there are less dangerous greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide being expelled from the vehicle into the atmosphere.

“Electric cars are a lot more cost efficient to maintain than petrol-powered cars

“Owners of electric cars are able to conveniently charge their cars at their own home, saving them time or money.”