Elon Musk issues new verification payment plan

Twitter owner, Elon Musk, has said that the company will soon come up with lower charges for small businesses that want to get verified on the platform. This is coming in response to complaints by Twitter users that the $ 1,000-a-month subscription fee for businesses is too high.

Reacting to the complaints, Musk said the $1,000 charge will be for ‘large’ businesses, adding that the company is working out lower charges for small businesses. He, however, did not disclose how much small businesses will be charged to get the gold tick on Twitter.

He said Twitter would also be very careful in verifying businesses to avoid verifying fraudulent businesses.

Lower cost
Clarifying that the $1,000 per month subscription is for big businesses, Musk in a tweet responding to complaints on the platform said:

“We will have a lower cost tier for small businesses but need to manage the onboarding of organizations carefully to prevent fraud. The $1000/month is meant for larger organizations.”

While several businesses have been stripped of their verification badge in April, Musk is encouraging them to pay in order to get verified again. The high cost has, however, kept many back. It is unclear yet when the subscription cost for small businesses will be rolled out and what criteria Twitter will use to determine a small business.

Nigerian businesses to pay N460,500 a month
Twitter had earlier announced that Nigerian businesses that want to get the verified badge on the platform will have to pay s sum of N460,500 every month. In addition, the organizations will also pay an extra N23,030 monthly for each business or individual affiliated with them to get verified.


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