Eliminating ghost workers in Adamawa state

We live in a country where politicians, their children and great grand children continue tapping from valuable government resources in what they call maintenance of status quo. This means the poor should continue to live in hardship while they enjoy with their relatives.

Despite the high level of unemployment the whole country is battling with, our places of work are filled with ghost workers, leaving university graduates roaming the street in search of greener pastures.

This is why the ongoing verification of state civil servants that will lead to the elimination of ghost workers in every government ministry, department and agency (MDAs) in Adamawa state is a welcome development.

Doing that will surely create space for those with requisite qualification and experience to get employed.

We are always complaining about the rise of unemployment while at the same time criticising the government’s efforts in creating space for employment opportunities.

Government workers die and remain in the payroll, and payment keeps coming while somebody makes a way to access the cash.

Just of recent, over 22,000 ghost workerswere discovered in Borno state government’s payroll, the fraud that cost the state government 420 million per annum.

Though, claims of discovery of ghost workers by politicians for saving money and creating employment spaces have become political gimmicks but condeming the idea is not a fair judgement.

Therefore, if truly Adamawa state government is ready to employ teachers under post primary management and lecturers in Adamawa state polytechnic verification is necessary.

We should always learn to keep politics aside, praise what is good and condemn what is condemnable.
Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng,
Yola, Adamawa state

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