El-Rufa’i, democrat like a soldier

My engagement with a downtrodden in Kaduna, verily, i was stunned beyond restraint. This is his story. Worth reading with utmost compassion:
I am one of the retrenched workers in Kaduna state, and I have five children. Two of them were studying in Kaduna State University (KASU). But, unfortunately, I am unable to afford to continue paying their school fees in KASU because of the fees hike by Governor Nasir El-Rufai, owing to the fact that I have been artificially made jobless by El-Rufai’s policy. My two children in the university are now “dropouts”!
Luckily, recently, I got a menial job near a school where my other three children are studying. 
I built my little house in Hayin Damani’s layout where we had recently served with demolition notice, saying that we are illegally inhabiting the area. And I have a motorcycle which I use to convey my other three children to school, one in primary and the others in secondary; although the same school, but far away from our area. Now, they imposed total ban on motorcycles. 
When I saw the demolition notice I slumped. I was rushed to the hospital because facial paralysis almost hit me, but with God’s intervention, I survived it. 
Oh my God, what an unprecedented trial? Now, the remaining three children joined the other two university dropouts, roaming in the street. My little house which I built with my total hard earned money will be brought down any moment, and I can’t cope with the situation in order to continue going to my working place without my motorcycle. 
This is how I was degraded to a state of penury, just because of one man’s policy! Alas, yesterday I had a dream that I have joined the devil’s group that are wrecking havoc in the Northwest. I pray that the dream will remain a dream.
Based on true interaction with the victim – Anonymous.Jabir T Usman,Sabon Gari, Tudun Wada, Kaduna