El-Rufai confirms ballot boxes, BVAS snatching, decry voter apathy

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Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state has expressed concern over low turnout of voters in the ongoing elections, while stating that there were reports of ballot boxes and BVAS snatching in Barnawa community and Soba local government area.

Speaking to journalists as he await his chance to cast his vote at his polling unit 024 Marnona road, Ungwar Sarki Kaduna, el-Rufai said the election has gone smoothly so far across the state despite three incidents.

“We are grateful to Almighty God for bringing us to this day when all Nigerians will decide who will lead them for the next four years. In Kaduna state so far, as at the time I came here, everything has been going on smoothly, there have only been three incidents, last night a rice mill was attacked by people suspected to be PDP thugs, the Police is investigating.

“This morning, we got report of one incident in Southern Kaduna where BVAS and ballot boxes were snatched and in Soba where two ballot boxes were also snatched. Of course, these are no incidents at all because whether you snatch ballot boxes or BVAS or not, it doesn’t matter, the technology has gone beyond the primitive rigging system that political actors are used to.

“So, I must commend INEC for this improvement, so far everything appears orderly across the state; all the reports we are getting are positive.

“My only concern is low voter turnout, people are not coming out to vote. And I want to appeal to everyone to please come our and vote, because you have once in four years opportunity to pick your leaders and you should take it seriously. It is the leaders that you select today that will run the affairs of your country for the next four years.

“So, please don’t stay back at home, come out and vote. And remember anytime you don’t come out to vote, you are giving opportunity to people you don’t like to win more votes, because your vote will reduce the gap by one, but if you don’t come out, you are giving them by default two more votes.

“There is still time between now and 2:30pm to come out and vote. I have been here on the queue for the past 45 minutes, waiting for my turn to vote. My wife has voted because the queue for women surprisingly this time is shorter than that of men. So, I am appealing to women to finish cooking and come out to vote, because it is what you do today, that will determine the direction of your state and country for the next four years.

“But, so far, everything has been peaceful, there are reports of only few incidents of electoral malpractice and we are confident that this will be sustained. May Allah choose for this country the best leaders,” he said.