Ekweremadu grateful to Nigerians for overwhelming support, solidarity, prayer — Sen. Ngwu

Senate Minority Whip and Senator representing Enugu West Senatorial District, Osita Ngwu, has said that his predecessor and former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, was deeply grateful for the prayers and overwhelming support and solidarity he has received from Nigerians from all walks of life since his recent ordeal in the United Kingdom.

Senator Ngwu said Ekweremadu’s gratitude was expressed during their conversation when he recently visited him, adding that the former Deputy Senate President acknowledged God’s mercy and kindness in his life, accepted his current situation with faith as well as grace, and did not express any sentiment suggesting that he had been forgotten by Nigerians.

The Enugu West lawmaker, who stated this in a statement in Abuja, condemned what he described as unfounded accusations against Ekweremadu in a news report being circulated by some uninformed individuals.

Senator Ngwu expressed dismay at why some individuals would be hell-bent on misleading the unsuspecting public.

The lawmaker noted that were it not for purposes of protecting the public who maybe deceived by the fake news, he would never be bothered about issuing a rebuttal.

He maintained that the report about Ekweremadu accusing Nigerians of abandoning him was false and did not know what the architects of such falsehood want to achieve against the people of Enugu West District, which the former deputy president served diligently.

He wondered why some people will completely lack the conscience and humanity by not allowing someone currently under what fate has in stock for him and would be bent on spinning deliberate falsehood with the ill intention of destroying the public goodwill and sympathy the person enjoy  even in the current ordeal.

“It has come to the attention of the Senate Minority Whip and Senator for the Enugu West District, Distinguished Senator Osita Ngwu, that a malicious story has been circulated by some individuals, who are known for engaging in malicious activities.

“These individuals’ stock-in-trade involves targeting innocent citizens with false accusations and spreading rumours. Their  claim that the distinguished Senator Ekweremadu is lamenting that Nigerians have forgotten him in London is completely false. 

“The former Deputy President of the Senate holds a special place in the hearts of the people of the Enugu West District. No amount of cheap blackmail or indecent innuendos can alter the fact that he has served my constituents with excellence, and my people pray for his continued well-being and safety.

“I recently visited Senator Ekweremadu and had a lengthy conversation with him. During our meeting, Senator Ekweremadu expressed gratitude for the prayers and overwhelming support and solidarity he has received from Nigerians from all walks of life since his recent ordeal.

“It is worth noting that the Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi, a close friend of Senator Ekweremadu, was reported to have also denounced the diatribe allegedly published on social media by the nefarious group. Mr. Obi cautioned them against hiding behind credible platforms to promote ulterior interests,” he said.

Senator Ngwu urged Nigerians against ‘jaundiced’ journalism, especially when it involves cheap propaganda and distortion of the truth, maintaining that it is honourable to refrain from spreading false information and tarnishing the reputation of individuals.

“This is not the time for any man or woman of conscience with any atom of humanity to be sponsoring false allegations against our leader to achieve whatever selfish goal. By the way there is no goal to be achieved except mere mischief and ill intentions to dissuade unsuspecting members of the public from offering their prayers and showing solidarity as well as sympathy to Ekweremadu.

“For anyone to choose this time of his ordeal to embark on such venture is tantamount to dancing on the “grave” or showing how happy they are with what happened to the former Deputy President of the Senate and they have always wished him bad but God is above them and we on our part will do everything humanly possible and within the law to protect our former lawmaker who gave his all for the progress of Enugu West, the State and South East at large,” he emphasised.