Ekiti ministry translates Amotekun law into Yoruba


Ekiti state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Olawale  Fapohunda, has announced that the  ministry has concluded  plans for the translation of the state laws into Yoruba language. 

Fapohunda stated that the laws to be translated include newly passed Amotekun Security Network law. He   said Governor Kayode Fayemi gave the directive so that the populace can have a full grasp of what the law says in their language.

The bill for the establishment of the Ekiti State Security Network Agency codenamed Amotekun, was passed into law at the state  House of Assembly  Friday and now awaiting Fayemi’s assent.

Speaking in Ado-Ekiti Tuesday, Fapohunda stated:

“In furtherance of the of the Fayemi administration to its citizen’s active participation in governance, the  governor has today approved the translation of laws of Ekiti state into Yoruba language.”

 The commissioner further stated that “given the volumes of the laws of Ekiti state, the translation will be implemented in phases. The first phase will include laws that have direct impact on the daily reality of our people.”

Some of the laws that will be translated immediately, according to Fapohunda include: Sustainable Development Goals Law Ekiti state,  2019, Ekiti state Property Protection ( Anti-land grabbing)  Law 2019, Ekiti  state Gender Based Violence  (Prohibition) Law 2019, and Ekiti state (Transition) Law 2019.

He stated that the  proposed Amotekun law will be translated into Yoruba after the governor’s assent,  adding : “Ekiti state Security Network Agency Bill affects the daily lives of the people of Ekiti state, especially those in our rural communities. It therefore follows that this is one legislation that all of our people need to understand.”

Speaking further on how the laws will be translated, the attorney – general said “there are many qualified academics in the Ekiti State University who are specisalised in Yoruba language.We will work with them.”

Fapohunda also stated that some of the policy documents of the Ministry of Justice like the Ekiti state charter for Victims of Crime; Directive on Non discontinuance of Criminal Matters, Additional Measures in aid of Prosecution of Sexual Violence will also be translated into Yoruba language.

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