EHCON ready to monitor GHG emission in Nigeria-Registrar

Due to the recent discovery of dangerous high vehicle exhaust SOx levels, the Environmental Health Council of Nigeria, (EHCON), has brought a smart and portable device to be able to monitor GHG emission in Nigeria.

The Registrar/CEO,Dr. Yakubu Mohammed Baba, made this disclosure while speaking to journalists in Abuja, adding that it is a project that is supported by the Ministry of Environment, we are also  collaborating with 3DATX Africa to conduct further tests and demonstration of the scalability of test center franchises.

He said the ministry have been providing air quality monitoring station in states and strategic location.

Dr. Baba explained that everybody should be committed to this project as far as the Paris agreement which indicates that Nigeria has signed an agreement that we are going to reduce emission level between now and 2030.

According to him, when you go to major cities in the evening, when the traffic is high, you will see a lot of dust and emission in so many cars and vehicles, which causes alot of respiratory tract diseases, cancer and other medical sickness.

“The project will run at no cost for government and it is project that is suppose to run itself, we require funding from international partners.

The registrar urged the state government to buy into the project because the responsibility of vehicle quality monitoring is in the concurrent list and federal government cannot legislate for state.

He noted that the state will benefit from this project because it will enhance their revenue.

Responding, the General Manager of 3DATX Africa Limited, Matthew Yusuf Suleiman, said we have tested 115 cars in a couple of months to capture a baseline, which is testing emissions from vehicles.