Egypt Air engages GSA to deepen market access, opens office in Kano

Leading Africa airline, Egypt air has deepened its market access in the Nigerian market by engaging the services of a General Sales Agent (GSA) to drive its sales and marketing strategy.

The airline partnered with Elite Tours, a renowned GSA firm with a track record in offering excellent airline sales and marketing in Nigeria; with its mother company, Master Travels, an Egypt-based Travel and Tourism Management Organisation.

As part of its new marketing strategy, the airline also opened a new office in Kano to better reach out to its customers and offer excellent services.

Speaking on the pedigree of the GSA, the Managing Director of Elite Tours, Mr. Mohamed Said declared that, “The company has a strong history in Egypt. We are one of the top tour operators in Cairo, with a mother company in Egypt known as Master Travels.”

The General Manager of the GSA in Nigeria, Mr. Muharram Abdelrahman said, “This is a significant milestone in the history of EGYPTAIR in Nigeria since the airline started operations in Nigeria more than 45 years ago. During this time EGYPTAIR used to carry out its business in Nigeria by itself through its offices in Lagos, Kano and Abuja. In order to get more quality service, the airline took a decision to have a GSA in Kano and Lagos in order to satisfy the customer needs and to be closer to the customers.

“We help in the coordination of EGYPTAIR operations with the Management of the airline here in Nigeria and have held different meetings with our ground handling agent, also with the catering company so that we can be sure that high quality service is getting to EGYPTAIR customers.

Also, we recently enhanced our product in Kano with our brand new A321. Also, we need to concentrate more on the cargo business especially in Lagos to bring more flights and aircraft to cover the high demand for cargo. These are different ways we are trying to enhance our services to the Nigerian market.” Added Abdelrahman.

Mr. Mohamed Farahat, General Manager of Investment, remarked that, “Sometimes the airline needs an investor to invest some money so that they can enhance all their products and services. That is why they are looking for a GSA who can do this service. So, we are investing some extra money to get a better service which EGYPTAIR is trying to enhance.”

EGYPTAIR Country Manager, Mr. Amr Basha disclosed that, “The airline tends to operate through a GSA in order to make its operations more efficient. EGYPTAIR is now trying to expand to many other new destinations. So, instead of building or renting their own staff and offices, we contract with a GSA with more experience in the market. And that is probably why they chose Mr. Muharram Abdelrahman as GSA Manager because he is very experienced and has a strong knowledge about aviation in Nigeria..”

He also added “We are also concentrating on tourism because the GSA, which is Elite Tours, is one of top tour operators in Egypt. Also, we are planning to have charter flights from here to Sharm El Shiek during Easter holidays and summer holidays. We also have plans for medical tourists. We have a package for medical tourists in coordination with EGYPTAIR Hospital. We have also planned for several packages for travel agents with aviation ticketing courses, airline marketing and sales as well as other related fields in coordination with EGYPTAIR Training Centre.”

Speaking on the benefits of working with the GSA, he added that, “The GSA is one of the top tour operators in travel and tourism in Egypt. So, we will have more ability to organize travel packages. Wakanow Travel was a PSSA for us in the area of tourism and we did so many packages to Egypt such as Education tourism, medical tourism, and Egypt destination tourism. So, combining these partnerships sure will lead to more success in the market.