Education is catalyst for social change – Akinfala 

Education has been identified as a critical pathway to social mobility and economic empowerment, even though barriers to quality education have persisted disproportionately.

This is the view of the executive director, Finance and Administration, Nigeria Education Loan Fund (NELFUND), Dr Fred Femi Akinfala.

He is of the opinion that the establishment of NELFUND represents a significant step towards promoting greater social justice within the Nigerian education system.

In a statement he issued weekend in Abuja, the NELFUND F&A said by offering interest-free loans and flexible repayment terms, NELFUND seeks to remove the financial obstacles that have historically prevented many Nigerians from pursuing higher education. 

“This is a crucial intervention, as the high cost of tuition fees and living expenses have long been a significant deterrent for students from disadvantaged communities who had hitherto being denied the opportunity to unlock the transformative potential of education.

“The social justice implications of the NELFUND are multi-faceted. First and foremost, the programme directly addresses the issue of educational inequality, ensures that talented and deserving students from marginalised communities are not denied the chance to fulfill their academic and professional aspirations due to their socio-economic status. 

“By leveling the playing field and providing equal access to educational financing, NELFUND empowers these students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the nation’s collective progress.”

NELFUND by virtue of its mandate focuses on low-income people aligns with the broader goal of reducing poverty and promote inclusive economic development.