Ebonyi council boss boasts of second term in office

Chairman of Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi state, Mr Clement Odah, Wednesday expressed of winning his elections come April 25, 2020.

Odah who is contesting for second term in office has other interested contenders.

Recently, some youths from the area protested demanding that he should be removed from office. 

But Odah, briefing newsmen in his Abakaliki residence Wednesday denied there was any protest against him saying that investigations revealed the protest was mere rumour by faceless people.

Another protest was organised in his favor by some youth of the LGA. He described the latest protest as the real youth of the area. Odah tasked them to resist any attempt that would make them react violently or attack anyone.

He said: “My projects are divine and if you see my campaign poster, it has inscription, ‘Power belongs to God’. I am not fighting anybody. The position was given to me by God using divine agents.

“Secondly, the we are anticipating coming Saturday is a delegate . The list of the delegates is already known. The delegates are my friends. They know me and I know them. They trusted and believed in me. I believe in them also. I believe I will have their votes.

“I am so sure that I will win the . I have the conviction within me that as God is on my side, the delegates will vote for me.”

Odah reacted to the purported protest carried out by some persons who is allegedly kicking against his reelection in the forthcoming council polls in the state.

“What you see on the social media is not qualified to be a protest. That is not a protest and nobody in Ohaukwu witnessed any open protest in any of our high ways. 

“Somebody sent me a link on WhatsApp that people had a placards with a number of things. I looked at it, a few disgruntled elements, I doubt whether they are from Ohaukwu. 

“They don’t look familiar at all. But wherever they may come from, I believe they are paid, rented group of disoriented young men who don’t know what they are doing.

“I also know the propagators of such miserable outing. Definitely, a few persons who may not be happy with the chairman may have done that. I enjoy the support of over 98 percent of the stakeholders of Ohaukwu LGA and that is a fact.

“All the stakeholders and teeming number of youth are with me, including the market women and traders. All the traditional rulers, town unions, the clergymen and all other people that matters in Ohaukwu are with me,” he stated.

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